Actually, it was in the Interview, especially advertising. Kate Hudson-free language with the Portal “AOL” on a diet program and all sorts of relevant. Towards the end of the interview, the actress said, however, a sentence that made vertebrae.

The Reporter wanted to know, whether it’s for Hudson is a difference to draw a boy or a girl. The 39-Year-old has two boys and a daughter. You answered: The gender don’t change your approach. “I think it educates its children individually, regardless of…so somehow sexless,” said Hudson. You don’t know what will feel for your daughter. You, however, is already pretty feminine.

It is not quite clear what said Hudson. Several media picked up your quote. Now has reported, the actress with an appearance on Instagram. Several media, including “Entertainment Online” reports about it.

she had been asked whether there is a difference is to educate girls or boys. “My answer was simple: not really,” writes Hudson. You criticised an alleged “Clickbait tactics” of the media. To say, “I raise my daughter, sexless, is absurd and is, frankly, no sense at all”, – stated in the Text. Who doesn’t think they have a “New-Age method” for the child’s education, you had to disappoint: “I have.”

“This is ok for me”

The sentence with the “sexless” was the attempt to lead the conversation away from female stereotypes. “It felt, for me, obsolete. Not all girls want to be a Princess, and do want to be a king. And that is ok for me.”

their daughter, Rani Rose and came on 2. October 2018, to the world. It is the first common child of Hudson and her boyfriend, musician Danny Fujikawa. From Hudson’s marriage with musician Chris Robinson, her 14-year-old son, Ryder comes from the relationship with the musician Matthew Bellamy of the seven-year-old son Bingham.


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