For a good Cup of tea travels Jürgen Pitzschel half the world. Most recently the Hamburg-based tea Sommelier, sat the witnesses over 30 hours in three different flight and then had to drive two and a half days by Bus and train, until he was at the destination: Kunming in southwest China. Here, at about 1600 meters of altitude, are produced the most expensive Pu-Erh teas in the world, made from the dried leaves about one and a half thousand years old tea trees.

Pitzschel and his business partner Stephan Suen are only interested in varieties that are produced from the Camellia Sinensis Plant, and thus as a real tea that have been picked under fair conditions, and in organic and processed. Tea, which is a pity for the industrial bottling in bag. From your travels you bring Pu-Erh and Oolong from China, Sencha from Japan, green Tropentee from Malawi and Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

your discoveries you sell in your Store “Tea Addicts” in Hamburg. Compared with the Teegroßhändlern in the memory city, you are the Punks of the industry. Your business is in the artists ‘ quarter course quarter, surrounded by culture, a Bicycle workshop and a feminist sex shop.


hand-crafted ceramic cups and a steel container with a tea stand in front of exposed walls. In the Background, water bubbles, on the buzzing noise of a stopwatch enjoyable Sipping. Pitzschel is preparing white tea according to the Chinese Gong-Fu method. The nature of the “tea making facilities with special care” probably originated in the 18th century. Century in Southeast China and is mainly applied in semi – and post-fermented teas.

The seal on the paper tell you is that this Bai Mu Dan is matured for seven years. For this white tea, the leaf Bud and top two leaves are Hand-picked and then dried in the sun. After a short oxidation stage, which is for the taste of the tea is crucial, he pressed in the Form, to so-called Cakes. In the paper, the Teescheiben are hammered easily transportable and can continue to Mature.

The tea is for Pitzschel and Suen is an art. Only Pitzschel heated the pot with hot water, then he fills it about half full with tea, then the leaves are washed “the”. To Pitzschel douses you with water, he can immediately re-run. After the first several infusions at exactly 80 degrees, at higher temperatures, the tea can be bitter. The second infusion is considered the best.

accessories for the Gong-Fu method

With all the love for the rituals of the tea drinkers from the Gängeviertel are, however, completely undogmatic. “Everyone likes their tea differently. To finally, make it fun,” says Pitzschel, and Suen tells the story of his father, the nachgießt in the morning, a good Portion of tea in a glass and tilts all day long-water: “Grandpa Style”.

the Tea Addicts Met during the Sinology studies in southern Germany, just before Pitzschel moved for a year to Shanghai, and there is more time in the teahouses spent, as in the lecture hall. Suens family comes from Taiwan, of tea, played with him at home it is always a great role. Later, the two went to Hamburg, where it is very hard to get tea of good quality, and at the same time learn something about where exactly it comes from, how it is grown and when it was harvested.

“at some point, we have placed Wallpaper strips on the floor and wrote down what we would do differently,” says Stephen Suen. So, the idea is to inspire people for “real tea” and to bring to the table. Every two weeks to download since a to “T Club”, with the beginner on the tea-Geeks to meet and exchange ideas. On your Youtube Channel you talk about water temperatures and Equipment. In addition, they offer Workshops. With conviction, offenders from other German cities Pitzschel and Suen founded the Free tea Forum, a community of interest, the chains for values such as transparent trading and quality awareness strong want to do.

tea estate with armed security personnel

In the selection of their goods are the two entrepreneurs uncompromising, they say, The quality had the same votes as the chemistry with the plantation owners. Organic and fair working conditions are very important to them. You don’t show up on the official seal, but by holding their plantation visits with the camera and the movies later on your Website.

About 60 Teefarmen have scoured Suen and Pitzschel in the past three years. “In Taiwan, there are more small family farms,” he says. The but you will not find on the Internet. “I whip up so high with my scooter in the mountains and speak to anyone who sits in front of his house.” If old women at street intersections, sell the crop in bags, is also a good reference point. Then he will go in the afternoon to the plantation. So way to fall between the dealer and he can speak with the Pickers in the field.

In your search for good tea and proper farmers, the two Hamburg have also experienced adventurous: In Georgia he was taken by armed security personnel. “This is not in formerly colonized countries that do not have their own tea culture, is rare,” he explains. “Many manufacturers produce on mass for Export and can protect you from prying eyes.”

In Hamburg, evaporated, in the meantime, Oolong tea in the glass tea pot, a variety that is in their method of production between green and black tea. Pitzschel takes the first SIP. “Tastes a bit like nut,” he says. “Somehow creamy greeny,” says Suen. “Tastes good”, would probably say to his father. Right you have all the three. As democratic can be enjoyment.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.