is to expect A Baby, unfortunately: a lot of formalities. The largest paperwork of the application for parents money – and is getting pretty complex, white Pro-Familia consultant Hannelore Lambertz-Eichhoff.

The social worker from Mönchengladbach advises parents-to-be already for 25 years. However, since the elterngeld reform in July 2015, the need has become really big. “There is a lot of confusion about the parents money Plus,” she says.

These parents money models are esBasiselterngeld The base parental allowance can apply for all new parents. It is generally between 65 and 67 percent of the average net income of the last twelve months prior to the birth of at least 300, with a maximum of 1800 euros per month. Only one parent requested the parents money, it is paid for twelve months. Also the Partner or the Partner takes at least two months break for the child, the reference to two months. Single parents are regularly 14 months. The base parental allowance can be combined with the other two models. Parents money Plus The parents money Plus is particularly suitable for employees and self-employed who want to work after the birth, again by the hour or part-time. You can then earn up to 50 per cent of their previous salary, without that it will be charged on the parents money. For each month, is paid only half of the parental allowance, however, for twice as long – up to 24 instead of up to twelve months. The power was only introduced in 2015. Partnership bonus partnership bonus should choose parents who share the care of the child and at least four months part-time between 25 and 30 hours a week you work. To reward the state gives you four additional parents money-Plus months. The reference time can be up to 32 months extend. The Bonus must be repaid if the conditions are not met. This is already the case, if a parent only works a week less or more than 25 to 30 hours.

other advice agencies are reporting problems in Filling in. “In our experience, a lot of has been circulating incorrect knowledge in the network,” says Tim Trinkies, founder and managing Director of the commercial Advisory platform “A majority of the parents exploit all of its possibilities, in our opinion, not one hundred percent.”

The platform also offers fee-based consultancy, has evaluated in the past year, 1200 parents money requests, the applicants had filled out without your help. You noticed some errors again and again.

The most important points why-be to get parents less money than they are entitled to:

1. Error: fathers to apply for leave instead of Parental leave

Many fathers after the birth of your child vacation, instead of applying for the employer of the parents time. “So these fathers miss out on the Chance to the state performance,” explains Patrick Konrad, spokesman of Because fathers have a legal entitlement to Parental leave and parental allowance.

Many a father decides, according to Lambertz-Eichhoff in fear of his Job, however, aware of for the holiday version. “In smaller, conventional Farms, the before is yet to come,” says the social worker.

2. Error: parent work, despite the basis of parents ‘ money

During the period of Parental leave you are allowed up to 30 hours per week. The income is counted, however, on the parents money. Who would like to work in the Parents, should apply for parents money Plus, say the Advisory bodies in unison. Then the income is counted only if it is more than 50 percent of the original salary. You get only half of the parental allowance, however, for twice as long. You lose no money.

3. Error: parents remaining holiday and bonuses cash

you Can be while receiving their holiday pay, this is true also as income and is offset against the parental allowance. Remaining leave should be taken, therefore, to wait until after the Parental leave, advises Konrad.

For Commission payments, or bonuses, shall also be considered. Trinkies of recommends, with the employer, to vote on whether the payments can be transferred. Alternatively, you can let the parents money a month pause, if you are expecting a lump sum. You do not need to apply for the allowance on the piece.

4. Error: parents continue to use a company car

Also, the service car is considered to be remuneration for work. The least knowledge, according to Lambertz-Eichhoff. Consequently, these “non-cash benefit will be charged” with the parents money. The parents money is correspondingly lower. You need to calculate whether it is economically reasonable, the service back to the car in time to the employer or to apply for parental allowance Plus.

5. error: pairs meet the conditions for the partnership bonus

“The partnership bonus doesn’t sound good, but it’s simply not workable,” says Pro-Familia consultant Lambertz-Eichhoff. Because the power to get the parents only if both partners are working four months at a stretch 20 to 30 hours per week.

The most important questions to parents of money

How will the parents charged money?

It is based on the net salary paid by the employer of the mother or the father of twelve months prior to the birth. The parents money is replaced in the rule 65 to 67 percent of the last net salary. It is the content of the following applies: The lower, the higher the percentage is. Parents receive a maximum of 1800 and a minimum of 300 Euro.

when is it worth to change the tax class?

If the net salary is increased, mothers or fathers make a request to the tax office – for example, tax class V to III. Because the parents money to the tax class to Orient, which has mainly been applied in the year prior to the birth, you should take care of in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

I’m expecting twins. How much of the parents money is not for me?

In the case of multiple births, the parents raised the money for the second and each subsequent child to € 300.

I’m unemployed, do I still receive parents money?

Yes. However, the parents will count the money as income. In the case of housing benefit, BAföG or in the fixing of income-dependent day-care contributions, it is taken into account, to the extent that it exceeds the minimum amounts of 300 euros (based on parents ‘ money) or 150 Euro (elterngeld Plus).

Get families with small children, a brothers and sisters bonus?

Yes, in the amount of ten percent of the calculated parental allowance, but a minimum of 75 euros a month.

What will change for Parents?

The new parental leave scheme provides that parents may apply for between the third and eighth year of life, with an unpaid break of up to 24 months (previously twelve). The employer must not agree to. The parents period after the 3. Birthday must be logged in 13 weeks in advance (so far, only seven weeks). The parents, the time may now be three instead of two sections divided.

“not only Fulfills one of these requirements in a month must be paid the parental allowance for both of his parents about four months back,” warns spokesman Konrad.

6. Error: Too late for the tax class

This Option is changed only married couples: you can change the tax class, in order for one of the two, the net income increases – and thus the parents money. The parent remains at home for longer, should choose tax class III, the other parent is then in class V, the greater the tax burden.

With the traditional splitting between husband and wife has to do the tax class change. Here the spouse with the lower income, the greater tax burden, which usually is the wife. Even for couples who don’t usually wear the income splitting, the tax class change for a year makes sense.

The Problem: The request for the change must be submitted at least seven months prior to the commencement of maternity protection. Because the mother’s protection starts six weeks before the expected date of delivery, of the errors are difficult to avoid, says Lambertz-Eichhoff. “You have to actually act before you are pregnant.”

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