In Cambodia have reported authorities the so far largest Fund illegal ivory in the country’s history. 1026 Elephant tusks weighing more than 3.2 tons had been seized in the port of the capital city of Phnom Penh, said the head of the customs authority, Sun Chhay.

Accordingly, the tusks were found Thursday in an abandoned Container. The authorities had acted on a tip from the U.S. Embassy, said Chhay. The ivory should come from Mozambique, and last year in the port of Phnom Penh arrived.

The previously unknown owner of the container had not picked up the cargo. Chhay said he did not know whether the cargo was intended for sale in other countries (more on the subject of learn more here).


due to the High demand from China and Vietnam has fuelled the growth of the illegal trade with animal products in Cambodia in the past few years. Lax law enforcement and corruption make the country for smugglers attractive – not least because the neighboring country of Thailand is going hard against the forbidden trade.

Each year, about killed more than 44,000 elephants, the trade shock is teeth, a multi-billion business. In September, researchers had identified the largest ivory dealers. The three cartels are responsible for, therefore, much of the global illegal ivory trade. Since 1989, an international ban on the commercial trade of ivory. Nevertheless, the number of elephants year decreases for the year.

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Between 2006 and 2015, the number of elephants in Africa according to the world conservation Union (IUCN) to 111.000 decreased the poaching was primarily responsible. It is estimated that in Africa, good 415.000 elephants, most of them in southern Africa. In Asia, roughly 50,000 elephants live.


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