Actually, Santa should arrive with the carriage, but for the most part he takes, in the meantime, the car or the Bus to get to his appointments. In some regions of Santa Claus not coming, though.

“Santa Claus-a state of emergency in Saxony”, the “Dresdner Morgenpost”, “Santa Claus is urgently needed,” it says in the “Berliner Zeitung”, “care of the Santa Claus,” writes the “Central German newspaper”.

according to The Reports, it is in the East of the country becoming more and more difficult to engage Santas. The speech is not bulging from the thick, bearded grandfathers, or uncles in the family, but of the Santas, which you can rent families. The sun, perhaps of the Christian Faith, which is not commonly used in the East to be so strong – or at to the high demands of the families, said in the Report. Maybe someone for the Job interested?

The Berlin-based Students, and taught since the beginning of this year, no more Santas. And to the Students, and Victories, was able to convey in so far this year just a Christmas woman, there is no other that will take care of. “The Job as Santa Claus seems to have the students have a colossal and completely lost their meaning,” said spokesman Stefan Gross of the MIRROR.

He was surprised as he fell out over a Student even the red coat, in order to earn money. About the reasons he can only speculate. Most of the students ‘ works had told him the students would have no interest in working as Santa Claus. It is what the wanted to do was nothing.

noise bearded shortage of skilled workers

the work of agencies to take on this task. Not worth says Paul Ebsen, spokesman for the authority. There are a few men who still want to work as Santa Claus. Ebsen speaks of a shortage of skilled workers. Some Santas have paid no interest in the Job or felt too bad, other are now too old for this. At the same time, there is a lack of young talent.

The Agency is not in the obligation, the Santa Claus of mediation to re-start and even Santas. Take care of it, in the meantime, social and charitable institutions, says Ebsen.

In Schwerin and Rostock, to convey to the agencies, according to the “North Kurier”. However, there is a 20-minute performance, only 30 to 35 euros. Perhaps it is so on the money?

students have Better things to do

Petra Henkert could earn a Santa Claus on Christmas eve with a plurality of inserts of around 500 euros. For those who play guitar or sing could out jump even more. Henkert operates the Christmas office and taught for 18 years, Christmas, men of passion. She, too, knows the problems: “I am glad if I can activate between 20 and 50 Santas on Christmas eve,” she says. “We have for years, to the fact that there are fewer men who want to take on the role of Santa Claus.”

Henkert believes that the students had, in the meantime, too much to do and prefer to be in the family wanted to celebrate, than to work in another. You was more important than to earn money.

Karsten Gust is 53 years old and no longer wants to work after 30 years as Santa Claus, because he has the nose fully from the consumer, such as the “Dresden morning post” reported. “In the past, I needed a Sack full of gifts for four children, now all I need for a single child, sometimes four bags,” he told the newspaper.

Jan Biehl, operator of a Website about the Germany Christmas men will be taught, says: “We’re running all the time the needs. The market has tightened.” More and more of the older Christmas men went to retire, for the many trips and events too much. And afterwards come a little young.

Biehl said that a Santa Claus could earn per gig up to 100 Euro, depending on how many dates he’ll take over on Christmas eve, could come together quite nicely. “The one with the longest Beard and dickstem belly could ask for more. The are often booked up in late summer.”

Petra Henkert hopes to be able to about your previous Christmas, men, new prospects to recruit. “I motivate my ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyes open.” There are already people interested in the Job. The other day, she asked a 16-Year-old, if he could work as Santa Claus. But, unfortunately, Henkert takes the first full year’s Christmas men.

But hope has the young man done that already.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.