Two lawsuits that could change the Olympic sports world. The Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Grigorishin complains with his International Swimming League (ISL) before the US district court of Northern California in San Francisco against the world swimming Association Fina. The Olympic champion, Katinka Hosszú and Tom Shields as well as young star Michael Andrew have also filed a lawsuit.

your goal: you want to break to fight the monopoly of the Fina to host international swimming competitions. The complaints can reduce. They rely on the “Sherman Antitrust Act”, on the basis of already large corporations were smashed. The Fina is abusing their monopoly to threaten Grigorishins ISL host a competitive series and athletes and national associations, with penalties should they participate in such competitions, it is argued.

Therefore, have you recently, a swimming Meeting in Turin to cancel must, as a kick-off event for the upcoming year thought lucrative Pro-series was planned. Negotiations on competitions in the USA and the UK have set up because of Fina-threats. At the same time, the Fina Grigorishins, ISL, and demanded illegally a 50 million Dollar fee, as well as the control over the planned racing series blackmail.

The ISL promises to be the swimmers a better marketing

The Trio, the three-time Olympic champion Hosszú requires the convening of a Jury, what could be the first step to a spectacular procedure. Because Grigorishins Team has logged the negotiations with the Fina, which is controlled in the Background by the self-suspended, the IOC, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, in detail.

Grigorishin promises to the professionals better marketing than that of small and large scandals embossed Fina. “Professional athletes only have a few years to earn money and be secure,” says Grigorishin. The IOC is no price to pay but money and the Fina in comparison to the revenue very little.

According to the indictment, the Fina 2016 and 2017, has made a total of 118 million dollars in sales, but that only 15 million as prize money to the athletes passed. A little smaller sum had been used for salaries of only three dozen of Fina’s employees. The multi-million dollar costs for conferences and congresses, Hotels, flights, and $ 400-to-day money for officials.

The Fina had responded on Saturday with a brief comment on the lawsuits. You are going to dedicate the topic of the “full attention”. If necessary, will be made a “robust defence” on the legs. The Association was also open to suggestions that would improve the current and planned competition calendar and are not in conflict.

A Plan that could change the world of the Olympics

IOC President Thomas Bach has reiterated two weeks ago in Tokyo, once again, that there are going to be in the Olympic Games is no prize money. The Congress of 206 National Olympic committees (Anoc) underlined this in a Resolution. Such statements stand in contrast to the efforts of new, independent athletes representatives, trade unions and commissions – such as the Association of athletes of Germany – to participate to a greater degree or at all for the first time in the Olympic marketing revenue.

exactly one year Ago, the EU has reprimanded Tuitert Commission, upon complaint of the Dutch speed skater Niels Kerstholt and Mark, that the rules of the ice skating Federation Isu violate the antitrust laws. EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said: “The harsh sanctions imposed by the Isu against skaters, also serve to protect their own business interests and to prevent others from organizing events. The Isu needs to open up athletes and to competing operators, in the interest of all ice-skating fans.”

of Course, the Statement in the action against the floating world is mentioned Association. Grigorishin says: “What the EU says Commission is all well and good, and it supports our struggle. But what we have submitted in the USA, is much more effective.” Athletes may bring an action in the United States much easier on compensation for lost revenue.

hustle and bustle in Lausanne

This is the overarching message, the trigger for weeks of hustle and bustle in Lausanne, where in addition to dozens of other sport organizations, the IOC and Fina. Both are, as in the Olympic family, from the same lawyer: François Carrard, one of the few who know almost everything advice. Longtime IOC Director-General, entrepreneur, patron of the arts – and especially Olympic puppet master, the denying of the MIRROR compared to any kind of conflict of interest.

“These gentlemen of the IOC and Fina have so far only played with the boys and their monopoly of the legal profession,” says Grigorishin. “Now you go for the first time with men in the Ring.”

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