In July, marveled at hundreds of thousands of people in Germany, the longest lunar Eclipse of the century, now the next sky spectacle: early Monday morning, the moon will occur once again in the shadow of the earth – to the point of total darkness. Who wants to watch the total lunar Eclipse, however, have to get up early and on a cloud-free sky hope.

to push just after 04.30 GMT, the moon slowly in the earth’s shadow. As a result, he looks like a cookie, describes the Association of the star friends and the Heidelberg Haus der Astronomie. Soon afterwards, a larger piece is missing, and it gives the impression that it was a half moon. Because of this cosmic Snack the ancient Chinese, a dragon of Heaven and devour believed in the moon.

What to see?

In a total lunar Eclipse is the moon, however, is not completely black, but it glows copper-colored to orange-red. The phenomenon is caused by the refraction of sunlight in the earth’s atmosphere, with long wavy reddish residual guided light in the core shadow. Therefore, the speech is also of the blood moon, or copper moon.

in Order 05.41 watch is covered by the lunar disk completely from the earth’s shadow – the Phase of the total Eclipse begins. To 06.12 at the satellite of the earth, creeping slowly from the shadow of the earth. To 06.44 watch the total lunar Eclipse is over, but first, the moon remains partially eclipsed.

sky event What super on the super moon?

Then the Erdbegleiter is already very low above the horizon and larger than usual. The reason is an optical illusion. The same time, the earth’s moon comes on Monday is still not particularly close, and thus appears a good ten percent larger than usual. This phenomenon is also known as a super moon is known. At 7 a.m. the moon sinks behind the horizon.

the Next total lunar Eclipse until 2022

A total lunar Eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon lie on a line. The moon dips entirely into the shadow that the sun-illuminated earth casts into space.

Statistically, the phenomenon can be approximately every two to three years to observe. The lunar Eclipse on Monday will take about an hour and is thus considerably shorter than in the summer. The next total lunar Eclipse will be in Europe again in the night from 15. 16. To see may in the year 2022.

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