In “Asterix”, you can see, when the mood of the characters flips before it a note of the respective characters themselves. Then the speech bubble will turn green, very soft initially, then later. Comparable one is hardly to be avoided, if you are talking about in a talk about why the culture of conversation in Germany is poisoned.

The series, according to Frank Plasberg asks his guests how you evaluate your own “share of the escalating climate of Debate”. A sporty entry-level. To answer the question of a Journalist (Claus Strunz), a former politician (Antje Hermenau), an entrepreneur (Dirk rossmann), a pastor (Annette Behnken), and another Journalist, also as a writer and an artist (Michel Abdollahi).

yourself, after all, the Moderator of one of the three weekly talk shows, in Public, asks Plasberg.

“To the right – what is that anyway? I don’t know!”

Klaus Strunz feels meant to be. He had done “nothing other than things sharp named,” he explains, “passionate”, and could not bear to some people. When it comes to the issue of Migration as the “mother of all problems”, says the Journalist: “I’ve missed that someone puts Seehofer with arguments. This is not going to happen.” Strunz, after all, a Journalist, has not done so. Now he asks: “To the right – what is that anyway? I don’t know!”

There remains a lot of standing and unchallenged this evening. The former Green Antje explains Hermenau, presented as “Saxony erklärerin” Saxony “ironic” to the “tribe”. The AfD, where I “included a wide discontent mood” and was “the only group” that have fed into this resentment in the form of a Question again in the politics.

protests in Chemnitz? Yes, but hunts have given it to no. “The people that was important, emotional,” and “the mayor had the hair nice, but nothing made”. Worse, it had become only because of the newly arrived neo-Nazis, on Monday. Bad, also the MIRROR titles at the time, with “Saxony” in brown fracture.

Gegrummel not, speaks to just below the limit of Audibility

Plasberg resist not to ask, has already enabled the pre-Christmas Autopilot. Michel Abdollahi is Contra, but was accompanied by border Hermenau’s designs with green Gegrummel just below the level of Audibility.

His sentence, that he – a co-financing as a “Migrant” in this country with his taxes the infrastructure, “which ensures that these people can send me all these messages,” Abdollahi said.

As it is, we come from sidetracked here, the refusal of a child to a AfD-politician goes to a Berlin Waldorf school, keep all the worrying. Hermenau for “guilt by Association”. Abdollahi: “Guilt By Association? The power of the society with immigrants every day!”

A first proposal for the thing comes from Strunz. He suspects that a lot of other things “come up”, if by “Islam” or “migrants” – namely, issues of health insurance, the pension insurance, the schools, the wages. Migration not as the mother of all problems, but as a magnifying glass, all the problems would just become more visible. Reason: “total of the political explanatory failure” culture.

Dirk rossmann of Rossmann employs people from 97 different Nations, migration-specific problems he has not had in its stores. Him burning that there is no affordable housing in Germany. As we know, a consequence of misguided policies, such as through the sale of local construction companies on the “free market”. Whether this Situation is “at the bottom” has been exacerbated by the influx of migrants, in fact, or just a feeling of still, it is a fight.

However, in the case of “Hard but fair”, as is the taken for granted. “The Situation describe the Situation have not changed,” says rossmann, and calls for passionate “inheritance tax-free investment in social housing”. The money was there. Instead of it, but in the Hand, argue Maaßen the government on the salary of a Lord: “Since is so stupid, can’t stand a man!”

on Behalf of Brigitte Büscher may give even more detailed information about your Job to separate the wheat from the chaff in the correspondence on the subject. The tone is now fierce, she says, so “we are more likely to see if we can read what some people send as”.

you are an example of a blocked comment (something Crazy drawn with refugees and Gulags and Siberia) and the information, 50 out of 700 “expressions of opinion” by the editors. It was “no fun to read,” says buescher, and it is believed her word on that.

Also, this mission will not stop the discussion of climate change. After all, she has kept to the limits. It remained civilized.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.