rage: As the result, roared Markus Eisenbichler his joy about the second place at the opening jump to the 67. Four-hills-tournament. The 27-Year-old is not one for some years now the German world Cup Team, to be handed a victory, and that the big breakthrough it yet. The bitterest Moment of his career: At the Olympic winter 2018 games in Pyeongchang extruded him, Stephan Leyhe from the DSV team. Thus, the winning of the silver medal he was denied. Now iron showed Bichler, what it can do. And it seemed as if he wanted to let the whole world know.

result: Whole 0.4 points Eisenbichler were missing for the victory. The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi secured. The third was Quali-winner Stefan Kraft from Austria. The Polish title defender Kamil Stoch and the German Karl Geiger had to make do with rear seats. Click here for the message.

heartbeat-finals: There were anxious seconds, the Kobayashi had to survive until the little “1” appeared on the Monitor. In the first passage he had removed Eisenbichler five and a half meters and a seemingly comfortable lead of 2.7 points into the final. But Kobayashi second jump was two and a half meters shorter than that of the Germans, he also got poorer grades. Nevertheless, it is submitted to the razor-thin victory.

surprisingly good: That Kobayashi would stand up on the podium was in sight. The Japanese leads the world Cup standings after four Wins in the first seven of the season to Jump confidently. Iron bichlers good placement is not a Sensation, “because he influenced the Training for months,” as the national coach Werner Schuster said.

Surprisingly bad: Remarkable is the poor performance of the other previous world Cup winners this winter: The Russian Evgeny Klimov landed on space 20, Johann Andre Forfang from Norway even only on rank 25. A little better, but still not really good, ran it for Karl Geiger, who was regarded as a secret tip for the tour victory. The subject should have according to the twelfth place, almost 20 points behind Kobayashi almost done.

The head nut of the day: For the biggest disappointment from a German perspective, the Olympic winner Andreas wellinger. With a Sprüngchen 114.5 meters, wellinger lost his duel against the Austrian Markus Schiffner and out of arbitration in the first passage. The faint hope for a top placing in the tour standings, blew it. A loose fall in the outlet of the crowning glory of under Wellingers pre day. At least he sought no excuses. “The head nut for the Shit I’ve given me yourself,” said the 23-Year-old in the ZDF Interview.

Andreas Wellinger has invented a new discipline: The Skikugeln

Too late: Wellinger had the same Problem as many others: He missed the right time to Jump. In ski jumping language you say: He was late at the table. A formulation, which provides some of the viewers for the amazement or Amusement.

looking ahead: So much Eisenbichler is happy about the second place of Oberstdorf (“This is just an awesome feeling”) – with a view to the overall standings it would have been perhaps better, if a German would be the front landed. Iron bichlers biggest Problem was in his previous career, the lack of consistency. Landing at the four hills tournament, front of the line, it takes eight strong jumps in a row. If the trust is? “Markus has the potential to,” says national coach Schuster. “Now jumps, where he can sleep jump.” Eisenbichler itself remains, according to his own statement, quite relaxed: “Now I am looking forward to a hot tour.” Well, then. It continues with the new year’s jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (1. January, 14 p.m., TV: ARD/Eurosport, live Ticker MIRROR ONLINE).

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