if You were to ask Ryoyu Kobayashi in these days like so much: As it is, than to win only the second Japanese after Kazuyoshi Funaki (1998), the four-hills-tournament? As it is, to belong to the three people to have won all four Jump to a tour in a year. And: How he has managed, from one year to the other at the Domina ski jumpers to test, so far, eight of the eleven single jump of this winter has won.

The Problem: Kobayashi speaks very little, at least with the media. His answers are one thing above all: short. If he gets put in front of the TV cameras, an English question, the answer is rarely longer than one word. And even if an interpreter translated the answers from Japanese to English or German, don’t come out usually more than a couple of sentences. 17 seconds it took his video message after winning at the age of 67. Four-hills-tournament.

Jumping The crucial question before the fourth of the tour in Bischofshofen was no longer whether Kobayashi the 67. Four hills tournament would win. Too big, his lead in the overall standings, the second placed Markus eisenbichler of Germany. Was exciting to whether Kobayashi would create the exclusive circle of Sven Hannawald and Kamil Stoch, join, and win as a third party Springer all four competitions of the tour in a year.

four on one

In the first pass, he had caught the unfavourable conditions, was then only on rank four. With 137,50 meters in the second pass Kobayashi but again. The overall victory was in order. The three knights had the opportunity to prevent the Grand Slam: Stefan Kraft, Dawid Kubacki and Markus Eisenbichler, the Jump in the first two was his biggest competitor. Power jumped significantly. As well as Kubacki landed behind Kobayashi, saw Kobayashi in the “Leaders” Box and jump. Markus Eisenbichler could not oust him also.

the Fourth Jump, the fourth in the victory. “It’s incredible”, said Kobayashi. In the case of the first two Oberstdorf and Garmisch Jump-Partenkirchen had been able to stay eisenbichler is still in striking distance, Kobayashi built a small error in his jumps. Nevertheless, he landed almost in the front. Last concerns wiped away Kobayashi then on the third Jump in Innsbruck, as he distanced Eisenbichler. In Bischofshofen, he would have been only displace in a fall from the first place.

The secret of success

One reason for this is that Kobayashi was in this Winter to be such a Dominator, is the Bounce: Kobayashi jumps at the right time with the right force, brings Ski and body quickly in the correct flight position. But this does not fully explain how someone can suddenly dominate a sport so . He had “looked at Videos of all the good jumpers. I’ve learned from them,” said Kobayshi. Meanwhile, the Rest of the ski-jumping scene, learning from him.

known Worldwide is the Video, in the meantime, the Kobayashi last Winter in the home shows, as he jumps on the ski jump in Sapporo, about 150 meters, actually an impossible Distance. But Kobayashi has set this season, some of the things in ski jumping. What can come?

Kobayashi is only 22 years old, his career is still at the beginning. All that out but now that Kobayashi will dominate ski jumping in the next ten years, said: it was thought in the past years, also in the case of other young knights, for example, the Slovenian Domen Prevc, who seeks, in the meantime, but again, according to the Form.

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