cruise ships? No, thank you! I love Europe. And I like to travel. On their own and individually. I don’t know any more slowly, where to go. The charming town that I have visited in recent times – Valletta, Santorini, Venice, Barcelona, and most recently Dubrovnik – are now flooded with all of the cruise tourists. It is particularly bad when at the same time two to three ships to dock.

Then sweaty people pushing masses from the USA, Russia or Asia like giant waves through the small, narrow streets. A tourist Tsunami, the only place I want to escape. I’m a big Fan of “Slow Travel”, the Trend to the slow, conscious and sustainable travel. In Croatia, we were sailing by the way. 6 people, 1 small boat, lots of freedom and infinite rest.

Full streets, empty coffers

Land in sight? Of due! Alone to Dubrovnik, around three million tourists come every year. On some summer days, there are almost 10,000, the romp like fish in the narrow pool in the heart of the old town. And even if the revenue for the 1,600 people who live here, are important: The city is groaning under the pressure of this sudden swarm. The cruise-tourists clogging up the town, to consume, as opposed to guests who stay there for days, in the boutiques, shopping and in the evening, go out to eat, almost nothing and drag with your herd back on Board. Full streets, empty coffers. No wonder, then, that the coexistence of residents and tourists device to Fluctuate. Angelika Otto, Many of the Islands and towns are overrun in the summer by Tourist-crowds – like the Greek Santorini

culture as a backdrop

and gone. Cozy up in the Café, the guide to read about the history of the resort informed, curious through the historic streets to stroll, here and there, stop for a moment and the surroundings? At the least cross the trips possible. Many are like Quickies: Fast land speed with a Selfie in front of a Game of Thrones-scenery and then off to the Buffet on Board. The Culture? Degenerates to a mere backdrop. And the Locals feel increasingly like Disneyland. Speaking of which – UNESCO warns: In case of permanently more than 8000 visitors to Dubrovnik could lose its Status as a world heritage site. Thank you, captain. Here are the journey-Newsletter subscribe

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over tourism without end

The prosperity of the vacation desire is increasing, also. In 1995, 531 million people in other countries traveled, in 2017, 1.3 billion. By the end of 2018, experts will be gone-it is estimated that over 27 million international passengers on a cruise. Worldwide, there are approximately 6,500 passenger ships and 300 cruise ships. By 2027, it will be according to the "Cruise Industry News“-annual report 472. When I hear this, I’m even on Land seasick.

vessels, such as high-rise buildings

How it looks? The Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, summarizes 5.518 passengers – which corresponds roughly to the size of the sea castle, a 5680-inhabitants city in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The ship has 16 storeys and is about 362 meters longer than the Eiffel tower is high. Gigantism pur. It looks monstrous, if such a floating block of flats giant walls, pushing with his mighty Ship from a town such as Venice. And nowhere is the Protest against this unnatural sea giant is so large as in the lagoon city, where the Ecosystem is seriously threatened. Destruction, ahoy! Angelika Otto taking a stroll through a small old town in Dubrovnik – which has come to our author only when no cruise ship has been created, the masses of people in the country, rinsed

– climate killer cruise

The nature protection Federation of Germany is in favour of floating dirt fling from 2020 onwards, the entry into European ports simply. Because most cruise ships are an unnecessary amount of dirt. This is a inquiry for the Nabu 76 ships in the world under the magnifying glass took. Only one of the ships use the clean liquefied natural gas (LNG) – all the other toxic heavy fuel oil, also sometimes untreated sewage into the sea and blow any amount of fine dust in the air. That’s exactly why cruise-portals to recommend to the Board, no white clothes…

The solution? Disney-Steamer!

Clearly, any holiday can do as he wants, even if me personally, cruising is a horror. But what we really need is a more stringent regulation of cruise tourism, as many residents and politicians in the affected places. Schedules in the ports, ensure that only one ship, not three or four at a time, rinse your tourists to the country. Or at best, equal to ships, driving your guests out in the sun and not of the Board. Is there anyway of everything from Restaurants to cinema, from Fitness to cosmetics Studio. How about mono-thematic “Disneyland-steamers” with continuous Entertainment? A theme ship in the Greek Santorini Style, one in the Croatian Dubrovnik-Look? Velvet Virtual Reality glasses, with which one on the ship, virtually (due to the 360 degree Video empty!) Resorts can take a walk?

“The Tourist destroys what he seeks by finding it", wrote the writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Since cruise ships don’t leave at all, but a super solution.

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