have been sold In Germany to 2018 less books – nevertheless, the industry has implemented nearly as much as in the previous year. This is mainly due to price increases. During the book sales fell by 2.3 percent, prices rose for books by an average of 1.7 percent. The Figures come from an analysis of the Trade journal “book report”, which the publisher belongs to the MIRROR, and the weekly bestseller list determined.

In the online sales of books increased by good two per cent, stationary bookstores, however, lost 0.6 percent in the coffers. “Book report” that sums up customer purchases at the “Target”, so if you want to have a specific title, increasingly, online services would use. The growth is not attributable solely to Amazon; also the book of acts, which would offer their customers the option of online purchase, it would report gains.

mainly non-fiction but also children’s literature, has sold more than in the year 2017; novels as well as books from the field trip, counselors, and literature lost. For example, the area of travel literature lost in the stationary trade, 4.2 percent of sales – apparently, travellers are increasingly turning to digital helpers. The best-selling guide is now a book about the island of Mallorca, but deals with London.

When the fiction sounds, the loss of nearly a per cent at a moderate rate, however, it is by far the largest and thus most important group of goods in the book market. The “book report” analyzes the decline “as evidence for the fricken ‘entertainment media competition”.

another Trend is the increasing concentration in the stationary book trade is. So Thalia, with around 300 stores – largest bookseller, today announced that in North Rhine-Westphalia-based book retailer mayersche (55 branches).


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