On German roads in 2018, more people will be killed than in the previous year. The number of fatality road users will increase up to the end of the year to 40 3220, estimates by the Federal Statistical office. The calculation is based on the Figures for the first three quarters of the year.

Previously, the office had seen two years of declines. In the past year, as little people were never killed in traffic accidents, since the authority collects the data.

Also in the case of the injured, the statisticians expect in the current year, an increase of about one percent, or about 3000 road users to 393,000. This number was decreased to 2017 compared to the previous year by 1.6 percent.

Long summer, more traffic accidents

The number of police reported accidents will increase up to the end of the year, is also expected to increase slightly. According to the statistics, there will be from January to that date, more than 2.6 million accidents on German roads. The number of accidents with injured or dead will increase by an estimated one percent to a 306,000.

“We’ve had this year is an extremely long and hot summer. Because more accidents happen in General because of more vulnerable road users such as cyclists or pedestrians are on the road,” says Gerhard Kraski from the Federal Statistical office. In the Winter, there is only damage to property due to the poor weather conditions. Then people were also more cautious on the road.


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