Moldy it in the kitchen of my favorite restaurants? Mice and cockroaches running through the back of my Baker’s tube? The egg supplier has, in my super market problems with Salmonella? The German food authorities do not know the answers – more to give you but, in General, to consumers. Food watch and the transparency initiative to ask the state to speak, therefore, of “secrecy” – you want to stop now.

On Monday, the organisations start a joint online platform with the name “pot Secret”. There, consumers can query in the future, the results of hygiene inspections in Restaurants, bakeries and other food establishments – however, you need to bring in the majority of cases, a lot of patience.

Because the German control authorities so far only in a few exceptional cases, to the public, as it is the cleanliness in the business. “The vast majority of food establishments in Germany, to work clean,” says Oliver Huizinga of food watch. But about every fourth operation will be contested in controls, mostly due to hygiene deficiencies. With the online platform food watch and ask authorities want to government to put pressure on you, so that in the future, all inspection results are published; negative and positive.

Under consumers can click on a request for publication of the results of official hygiene inspections on the basis of the consumer information act (VIG). Normally, such requests are not easy, Foodwatch has used this Instrument in the past, more frequently, in order to grievances, the MIRROR ONLINE has reported.

With the platform to run the request is straightforward: users can search the desired operation, such as a Restaurant or a sausage factory, a search form, or on the road map. Then enter your name, E-Mail and postal address. The application should be within a Minute or two, and then with a prepared Text to the competent authority.

results should wait for the consumer however, for a week – if you get any at all. Because the authorities are sometimes very knowledgable, even if they are obliged to do so.

One more reason for the Portal: “The more people join in and make requests, the more details come to light – and the greater the pressure on the Federal government to create a legal basis, transparency, the rule and not the exception,” says Arne Semsrott, project Manager of ask state. First, the incentive for food companies is created to hold every day, all the food law requirements.

The organizations are calling on Federal food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) to create a legal basis, so that the inspection results are traceable, such as, for example, in Denmark. All the results of the food monitoring be published for years in the Form of red, yellow and green Smileys, on the Internet and at the door.

A similar marking is to be discussed in the consumer ministries of the Federal States for many years, again and again and again and again discarded. Food watch and ask the government now hope to pressure the consumer – “pot Secret” to annoy the authorities, but only a temporary solution. “If the Federal government prescribes, in the future, the publication of all inspection results”, with parts of the organizations, “let’s turn off our platform.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.