Chiloé in Chile: Hunger and homesickness

We wanted to abwettern were several weeks in South America on the go, Winter on the other hemisphere, so in any case, the idea of my companion: the beach, palm trees, Drinks with umbrellas in them, in complete ignorance of the route. A sense of geography they had not – for a more pronounced, almost a seismic sense of desolate places, the beat within seconds to the mind.

We called it soon, your inner Deprografen, when we trotted desert through Peru’s Andes and Chile Salt, of height illness. The turn of the year, we wanted to rumbringen on an island in the Pacific, and no idea what they are fighting for old – but certainly not Chiloé , a southern Chile niche, fisherman’s island, ducks in the harsh climate of Patagonia.

I had painted the new year’s eve, nevertheless, quite romantic, a seafood feast in one of the typical colorful stilt houses, gallons of Chilean wine, perhaps you would come with the table neighbors into the conversation. Strolling through the island of the disillusionment of the nest, then seal Everything in and boarded up, the only open Restaurant housed in a closed society – and from the nervous the drizzle decomposing soon became a Torrent.

Colorful stilt houses on Chiloé

I wish I could say we made the Best of it, à la Yes-tarts advertising. Or custody would be found in a pint us with Pisco in full run and with stocky fur seal in Chile shanties sung. Instead, we shouted at us by the Wind, the hoods of our functional jackets grimly drawn in the face, and we bought Chips and beer on the last stand, against the Hunger and homesickness in my stomach, exhausted, and well before midnight in our overpriced Guesthouse wegzudösen.

Florian Merkel, chief of service

Amsterdam: Party? Where is the Party?

You’re 18, You want to new year’s eve in a cool city with a Bang and end up at the end frustrated at McDonald’s. So it to me a long time ago with two friends fared. In Hamburg the legendary cheap coach travel provider Rainbow Tours b> Amsterdam to <. On the way, we paint a picture of the parties, the expected us, with the friendly support of the Emsland Apple grain manufacturer.

And then the city spreads out in front of me, with a neon sign, all the coffee shops, pubs and people from all over the world. And it happens – nothing. On similar Trips we had to actually meet people, have fun in the around neighborhoods. Not with the cassette recorder somewhere in the corner and a bottle of beer open. The Rest of it.

And now the Emptiness. No Plan where to go. Three people, four opinions on every street corner. If it feels bad, then worse. Perhaps because new year’s eve is in the Winter and not in summer. The low point was reached on the return trip: Felt two-hour break at a rest stop somewhere in lower Saxony, at four o’clock in the morning, so that the driver complies with the rest of the time.

Nils-Viktor concern, Stv. Head of mobility

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Hamburg: noodles from the gas station

In retrospect, it is often difficult to tell who’s messed up. The idea actually had charm: I attended in my first years of work an old friend in Hamburg. had arranged to meet up with other friends who invited themselves people. So a group of about 15 mid – and late twenties, of whom nobody knew more than two to three others.

Without asking, someone had reserved a table in a Restaurant in the Grindel quarter. We sat down and asked for the cards, but the waiter looked blankly: “card? On new year’s eve, there is only menu, 80 Euro per nose.” I can’t put the Hand for the sum into the fire, but to all of us, it was just incredibly expensive. Outraged, we left the Restaurant.

to feel very fast, and very naive. Because no one had considered that we would, of course, to land without a reservation at any other Restaurant anymore – it’s new year’s eve! And, in the case of our unsuccessful search, we learned, by the way: the menu is absolutely common. And compared to the price quite okay.

Soon, we got hungry. And Thirst. It was a Disaster.

So we bought Spaghetti and ready-made tomato sauce at a gas station, in addition to beer and sparkling wine. The Gas Station Price. The noodles we cooked in the apartment of a fellow student, which was actually much too small. And here is the saving idea came to us. With the drinks, we moved finally to the philosophers-the tower of the Hamburg University. One of the participants had, in fact, the key to an office there. Estimated: tenth floor.

And so we had a night at the end of a beautiful new year’s eve: stick with overpriced champagne little red riding hood, but with a dream view on the Hamburg fireworks. And, as a group, all alone in the abandoned philosopher’s tower. And last but not least: very nice people, which had been really something.

Matthias Kaufmann, Editor, economic and Panorama

Auckland: Feuerwerksfan without fireworks

I’m an unwanted, but a huge Fan of fireworks. I think it’s just beautiful – the colors, the noise, the fun of the Unreasonable. On the second day of my new Zealand trip, I wanted to celebrate new year’s eve where the new year begins with the First in Auckland . With roommates from my Backpacker Hostel, I ran to the highest point of the city, the nearly 200-Meter-high former volcano Mount Eden – as well as thousands of others. In spite of high summer, it was sensitive to cold as the champagne cups in our Metal.

My new camera, which should be particularly good in the Dark to photograph, I was looking over the views of a gigantic fireworks. 10, 9, … 3, 2, 1 – and the new year! The Sky Tower, the highest tower of the city, exploded in a quasi – five minutes, he spat out thousands of rockets into the dark sky.

And then? Nothing more, hardly a rocket, hardly a firecracker. New Zealanders celebrate differently – at least not without private fireworks. In the Dark we crawled back down the mountain. The photos were out of focus. And also, I had bagged me a fierce cold that I had to cancel my planned dives in the North of Auckland.

Antje Blinda, head of Department of travel

new year in Hanoi

Hanoi: Full evil

The year 2011 should start in Hanoi – with the Moped-rattle three favorite people, and a cool Tiger beer. The Plan was perfect: direct flight to Ho Chi Minh city on 31. December, domestic flight in Vietnam’s capital, arriving at midday and still have enough time to be in the Hostel for the Party to rest.

around not only the twelve hours prior to midnight, were marked by breakdowns by the airline Verbum melta travel backpack, tough to Negotiate with the Service employees of the Airline, a nearly missed flight connection. After a Sprint to the Gate we were finally in flight VN 216 – and I made it for the first time in my life the use of the sick bag.

stomach cramps shaken, I arrived at the Noibai Airport. Well, we had booked a Transfer to the accommodation, I thought to myself, before us, the Hostel staff drove in a weird area and in a damp, dirty room. I had not booked for sure! Or is it?

In Vietnam is driven a lot of fast and loose with the names of popular properties. If a house guests is a good rating, open, resourceful business people quickly a new hostel with exactly the same name and confuse tourists. I had fallen for it.

Totally exhausted from two days of arrival, a bad stomach, the Stress at the airport and disgusted by the Hostel, I started with my friends, the journey through Hanoi: I vaguely remember the plastic toy in the night market and the lights on the shores of Hoan Kiem lake. I have kept only until 23 o’clock.

Julia Stanek, travel editor

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