Shown above is Deokjeokdo in Ongjin County, Incheon. The island is full of tourist attractions. Photo courtesy of Ongjin County.

Perfect travel destination with multiple beaches

By Jun Won Lee

Dokjeokdo, an island with almost no people, mountains with fresh air, and multiple beaches, is a perfect travel destination for those with some travelling experience in Korea.

Jeju Island should be the main travel spot if you came to Korea for the first time or if you weren’t able to look around much.

How to travel to Dokjeokdo

Travelling to Dokjeokdo is simple. There’s a ship that takes you there, and the transportation service is located at the Incheon Coastal Passenger Terminal (or Yeon-an-yeo-gaek terminal in Korean). The link for the website in getting the ship tickets and information on the Dokjeokdo arrival and leaving time is here.

Not many people travel here. There are not many people when you arrive here and it’s quiet, even on Saturdays. Therefore, it’s not necessary to buy tickets online.

It is recommended, though, by others to buy the ticket online since ticket cancellation notification is sent instantly to your phone. Cancellation means the ship will not operate that day.

Also, keep in mind that you should come to the port to get on the ship about an hour before leaving time and almost two hours before leaving time if you’re bringing your own car.

Planning is necessary before coming here

Dokjeokdo almost feels like a deserted island. As such, you do need some preparations before going.

This isolated feeling island here, in most of the places, accepts cash only (Korean won).

There are no hotels, so you should plan out which rooms to sleep in. Since it’s not a popular destination, you can call and reserve on the spot. If you call or text in advance, they will probably give you a free transportation service and take you there to your reserved room.

The biggest part here really is the ride. Though they may take you there to the accommodation, this island is big.

It may be difficult to explore if you don’t have your own ride. My recommendation is to rent a car there.

Travelling begins

Once you have your car (if you rented one, it would cost around 40,000~60,000 won worth some $40 for one night), you’re free to travel around and see the nature of Dokjeokdo.

It’s not like other places where you can do lots of special leisure activities with high-quality facilities.

It’s all about the sightseeing of multiple beaches, the sightseeing of mountains with fresh air and having a loud and free conversation with your friend or partner, having no one around. And maybe some meditation, if you want to clear your mind before going back.

The must-see places are: Sapori Beach, Bojobong (mountain), another beach with a bunch of stones (I don’t remember its name), and most importantly, Soyado Island, which is connected to the Dokjeokdo Island. The only way to come here is by car, so make sure to bring one or rent it.

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