riding or inline skating: For a woman of Aalen in Baden-Württemberg is such a sport taboo. Doctors have advised against it, telling the 30-Year-old before the higher regional court in Stuttgart. The reason: she lives with a needle in the abdomen, the Doctors have forgotten in the Bundeswehr hospital in Ulm, Germany, during an Operation in your body.

The 30-Year-old from Aalen moved, therefore, before the court – and got right. The Federal Republic of Germany as a carrier, the hospital must pay 10,000 euros for Pain and suffering.

The woman had been in surgery, 2013, the kidney, the clinic she had chosen herself. Two months after the surgery, she learned that the Doctors had accidentally forgotten one of four surgical needles in your body. The approximately two-centimeter-long foreign body is visible on x-rays.

needle should initially be removed

the needle is Currently deep in a lumbar muscle. At least once it has moved since the OP in the body. Pain is not causing the needle currently, however, remain a permanent state of insecurity, told the 30-year-old mother of two children. Doctors have advised her to do nothing, you could fall. To remove, you don’t want to leave the needle, because each Operation would mean a risk, and Doctors have discouraged her from surgery.

the Federal court of justice, the patient does not have to pay for ridiculous dental treatment

The plaintiff is awarded in addition, a compensation of 2000 euros. In the first instance to 13,000 euros were for Pain and suffering recognized. The judges rated the error of the Doctors as a culpable – but not rough – handling errors. A Revision is not approved.

The attending physician said he could not explain, like the needle in the woman’s body. He had only used three needles. For the Counting and Control of the used objects before and after the SURGERY, the treating doctor is not competent, – said the expert. In the meantime, there is in many places a duty of Documentation.


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