in 2018, the warmest year in Germany since measurements began in 1881. In addition, it was one of the three driest years since the start of the measurements. The drought leaves its mark.

rivers had shrunk months strong, you will fill only slowly. Grain fields and meadows withered. Now the German weather reports service DWD, what are the consequences of the lack of rain for the trees.

“returned by the end of November in the world of plants winter rest,” reports the weather service. But that happened with delay: “it was Interesting to observe that the autumn leaf set in the case of many tree species in this year’s exceptionally late.” Also affected the English oak, whose Leaf fall marks the beginning of the phenological winter.

loss potatoes

Probably have disturbed the dryness of the metabolic process of the trees, believing the DWD experts. Normally, plants in the autumn at the base of the blade form styles, a fabric which accelerates the separation from the tree. This year, however, the layer had not been formed when numerous trees must be complete. The scientific evidence for the theory.

The drought has not eased up at the end of November, according to the DWD, in his the autumn of the balance sheet. Except in the South of Bavaria, there was hardly a region in Germany that is not a significant rain shortage.

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The consequences, primarily agriculture: the Case of the grubbing-up of potatoes and sugar beet there were many losses. The drought had also led to the growing up problems for the winter crops. Winter oilseed rape, for example, had to in many places, sown late or could not be applied.

In the autumn, has continued into the unusually Sunny weather. 2018 would have appeared in the country-wide average of more than 2000 hours under the sun. The former sunshine record in Germany surpassed by the end of the year, according to the DWD.


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