to get straight To the point: There will be people who will be upset at some Points of this Text. If everyone would do so! But there are days where a little trickery also time must be allowed. In this sense: good luck!

air travel: boarding like a Pro

Who travels to the second, you should make a reservation in the classic three series of the Boeing 737 and A320 is always the window and Aisle seat online. The likelihood of other passengers in the Online Check-in volunteer your mark at a Central place, is not low, if the extremely high utilization of the machine forces you to. In addition, you should avoid choose the seats as far back as possible, because passengers want to get to the destination quickly, these places.

The Boarding the plane you should, if possible, as the Last boarding. Because with the announcement “Boarding is completed” begins the popular Implement in the free series. Better even the free three-series before others take advantage of your Chance. The actual seat number on your Ticket, you ignore it.

Who dares to expanding this move for more comfort on the often-free seats with more leg freedom of the Emergency descended. These seats often remain empty because the Airlines charge for 10 to 60 Euro extra charge per track. Travel professionals know that A ticket control on the plane is usually not necessary.

admittedly, it takes a bit of luck, but the last of the passengers during boarding, sometimes even a new boarding card with an Upgrade to Business Class . “The whole year and to all distances, one can assume that a plane is overbooked, with around ten percent,” says David Hate, editor of airline news service

rail travel: where the free seats are

The man is a herd animal. Traveling, he is based again more on the mass, which has him seemingly the right way. But she doesn’t. Especially vividly in one of the railway find to rise. More than half of all passengers who want a IC or ICE climb, clubs in the middle area of the entry zone. The number one rule of the Boarding without a seat reservation is to Remove you from the group. Secondly, take a look at the order of the cars and choose the cars with the largest possible distance to the dining car . In front of and behind the dining car on those Sections, where most people reserve their seats.

And: Compare. Because even on the Website of the Czech Railways trains within Germany book. The predetermined route is omitted often, and the prices are always under the DB level. The website is also in English.

hotel booking: A phone call makes all the difference

Many German Hoteliers work closely with portals such as, HRS and Expedia. Every fourth booking comes through these portals, according to Dehoga-Bundesverband 60 percent alone The Best price clause for the portals could be judicially overturned, but few Hoteliers trust, the prices of the portals to the public on its own Website. A call to the request for accommodation causes, therefore, often a change: Many Hoteliers, a telephone booking to up to 10% discount , in order to save the 15 to 19 percent brokerage Commission to the portals. A Win-win Situation for both the Hotelier and guest.

Christian Leetz, dpa/ele

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