Pfizer recalls due to incorrect printed tablets packaging multiple batches of an anti-baby pill – it application threaten communities errors and unwanted pregnant.

women, the between 27. November and 3. December have received the contraceptive Trigoa from the affected batches X34106, X51153 and W98332 , should give back the medication through the pharmacy, told the Berlin state office for health and social Affairs (Lageso). In these batches the taking order is stated on the pill strips incorrectly. The company Pfizer confirmed on request.

“may result in application errors of the drug is given to the risk of an unwanted pregnancy,” warns the Lageso, as the Supervisory authority of the Berlin-based manufacturer. The tablets contain different doses of the active ingredient, therefore the correct sequence is the taking of this anti-baby pill is important.

According to the leaflet must first be brown, the six bright, after the five white, and lastly, the ten ochre tablets swallowed.


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