K-pop megastar BTS's leader RM celebrates the boy band's Grammy Award nomination during a recent party. The video clip was shared through such platforms as YouTube. Photo courtesy of YouTube

A Twosome Place cake wins hearts of BTS fans

Recently, K-pop superstar BTS came up with a video clip showing their celebration of the Grammy nomination. All of a sudden, there pops up a purple cake, which wins the hearts and minds of the boy band.

“The cake is so pretty,” a member said.

“The cake is such a color. The cake is crazy,” another member said.

Then, the cake piqued the curiosity of BTS fans, otherwise known as the Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth (ARMY).

They searched for the cake to find out that it is the Triple Berry Cheese Mousse Cake made by South Korea’s coffeehouse brand A Twosome Place.

“The cake that the boys use to celebrate their Grammy nomination in the Live is from a Twosome Place,” a Twitter fan said.

“One of their favorite bakeries picks for cakes and pastries. It’s a Triple Berry Cheese Mouse cake part of their winter-fantasy collection.”

Another fan, possibly those who live outside of Korea, envied not only BTS but also the cake.

“I ordered a cake a week before my birthday, and it still didn’t look so good. Why there are no such fancy cake places where I can buy a cake in five minutes here where I live,” a fan complained.

Late last month, the latest song of BTS _ Dynamite _ was nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category, together with such stars as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

BTS has shattered almost all the records since its debut in 2013. But it marked the first time for the seven-piece K-pop act to win the domination of the Grammy Award.