Barack Obama hesitated once too long, Donald Trump is now haste – as the Syria policy of the US President since 2011.

just a few months after the start of demonstrations against dictator Bashar al-Assad in the spring of 2011, Obama said, the lost rulers in Damascus have any legitimacy and must go. The US President is solid, the linearized openly with the protest movement in Syria, however, remained inactive, as the Assad Regime shot thousands of demonstrators, or detained.

In August 2012, Obama drew publicly a red line: The use of chemical weapons will replied to the US army military, announced the US President. As the Syrian Regime began almost exactly a year later, poison gas and hundreds of civilians killed, and thus the red line is crossed, Obama made a back down. Assad said his chemical weapons Arsenal, whose existence he had denied categorically, under international supervision. Subsequently, the United States refrained from military strikes against Syria. Today, we know that Assad has placed not all chemical weapons stockpiles in the open.

it was not Until the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IS) large parts of Syria and Iraq overran, decided to Obama for military Intervention. The Damascus was not inconvenient: While the United States bombed the jihadists, the Syrian government troops in their fight against the insurgents in other parts of the country are concentrated.

Assad’s forces were repeatedly poison gas. After the Sari, the attack on the village of Chan Scheichun died in April of 2017, dozens of civilians, decided to the now acting President Donald Trump to the first US air strikes against positions of the Syrian military. The same re-attack in the Duma in Damascus repeated itself in April 2018, according to the poison gas.

for 2015, supported by the US military Alliance, the Syrian democratic forces (SDF) has urged the IS now largely back. About 2000 US troops are currently stationed in the North-East of Syria, they train and advise the Kurdish majority SDF fighters. But the IS is not defeated for a long time, stability in the conquered territories a long time not returning.

a Few hours after he proclaimed victory over the IS the given to also Trump even indirectly. It does not matter to him. The US President tweeted: “It’s time for the other to fight at last.”

timeline of US involvement against the terrorist in Syria, timeline of US involvement in Syria in March 2011 After protesters in Tunisia and Egypt have forced the ruling dictators to resign, in Syria tens of thousands of people against the head of state, Bashar al-Assad on the streets. The Regime reacts with violence. Of deserters, the so-called Free Syrian army, which receives the armed struggle against Assad is formed in the course of the year. June 2011, US President Barack Obama calls on Assad to his office. It is the line, which also represents Europe. For Assad, the time to withdraw came, “back,” explained Obama. Previously, the US President of sanctions against individuals and companies had adopted. Jihadists of the terrorist organization „Islamic state in Iraq“, an offshoot of al-Qaeda to use the Chaos of the beginning of the civil war in Syria settle down. In Parallel, the Regime dismisses thousands of militant Islamists from the prisons. Both of these developments lay the seeds for the rise of terrorist militias, from which later the „Islamic state“ (IS). August 2012, US President Obama warns the Syrian Regime against the use of chemical weapons against the Opposition in Syria. “I have arranged up until now, no military Intervention, but for us, a red line is crossed if a whole lot of moved chemical weapons or used.” The United States are increasing, meanwhile, your financial aid in the humanitarian area to $ 130 million. In March 2013, The United States begin with the formation of small rebel groups. To prevent the rise of Islamist militias, on the other, to ensure that after the expected fall of the Assad regime in Syria, Chaos erupts. The rebels received, however, no anti-aircraft missiles, the air strikes the government could fend off troops. August 2013 In the case of a poison gas attack near Damascus, several hundred people die. The US is preparing for a military response. Obama to seek the consent of the Congress. After Russian mediation, the Syrian government destroyed their chemical weapons to prevent a military Intervention by the USA. In this time, the “Islamic state in Iraq and Syria” (Isis) captured the city of Rakka. Later, the jihadists change their name to the shortened Form of “Islamic state”. The summer of 2014, US President Obama decides to bomb the IS in Northern Syria. The had to call in Parts of Syria and Iraq a Caliphate. The air strikes of the international coalition, held under the leadership of Washington. The United States engage for the first time in the Syrian civil war. September 2015 Russia intervenes on the side of the Syrian ruler Assad in the war. Above all, the Russian air force helps now Assad, the lost territories back. Syria disintegrates into several power areas: In the North-East of the Syrian offshoot of the workers ‘ party, PKK, in the North-West Syrian rebels prevailed in the East, the IS, in the Western part of the centre and on the coast of the Syrian Regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah, in the South, Syrian rebels and Syrian Druze, a religious minority. October 2015, The United States step up their support for certain groups in Syria, particularly the Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG), which form the backbone of the militia Alliance “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF). You should not, however, fight against the Regime, but only against the IS. February 2016, The United States, Russia and regional powers to act on the sidelines of the Munich security conference, a ceasefire that is broken, particularly in the Northern Syrian Aleppo. March 2017, the US Marines will be deployed in the vicinity of the IS-stronghold Rakka, to support the reconquest of the city. In the next few weeks, station the United States renal a total of around 2000 troops in the country. April 2017 After a poison gas attack in the Northern Syrian Chan Scheichun the United States to attack an airbase of the Syrian army with rockets and impose sanctions against government employees. A few days previously, had declared the new US envoy to the United Nations, and Nikki Haley, the US government under Donald Trump to remove no longer a priority in it to see Assad out of office. In the following weeks, Trump is Syrian Kurds, the YPG units in the fight against the IS more arm. October 2017, The terror militia IS losing its unofficial capital of raqqa. The SDF, one of the USA supporters, Militia Association, which is headed by Kurdish fighters, distributes the Islamists from their core area, in which you want to four years. In the weeks following the terrorist militia losing control in all of your Northern Syrian cities. April 2018, The US, UK and France attack with fighter aircraft, different targets in Syria. It is a retaliatory measure for the use of chemical weapons on rebels in the city of Duma, in which numerous people were killed. December 2018, „We have won against the IS,“ claims Trump. He announces the withdrawal of the U.S. army. Also, the air attacks are to be stopped. It is clear, however: The is is weakened, but not defeated. The terrorist militia has lost in Iraq and Syria, although 99 per cent of its territory. Their last retreat in the Euphrates valley defended you but still. Several Thousand jihadists to stay there.

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