send a note to the list to colleagues, with the mother via the transfer of the son to exchange: E-Mails from teachers, often contain information that is nobody else’s business – except the sender and the receiver.

But while other employees in the public service, the police or tax officers, for example – basically have a work E-Mail address, communicate with teachers in professional matters, often on private.

This is problematic for two reasons:

Who uses as a teacher in a private account, also bears a private responsibility for it. He’d hacked and then reached the personal data of students or parents to the Public, would be liable to the teacher for that alone – for example, in the Form of compensation payments. In addition, the service with personal contacts together in one such mailbox. Who is in the evening on the Sofa, and the E-Mail a friend answered, always has the (unread) Education-Mails before our eyes – not exactly relaxing.

Separate service mailboxes would create these problems out of the way. You might think that this is a trifle: E-Mail addresses, it can’t be much difficult? Indeed, the creation of these addresses is complicated and can throughout the country to ministries of despair. The shows currently in the state of Brandenburg.

Expensive project, frustrated teacher

elsewhere, education Minister Britta Ernst (SPD) announced in February of last year: All of the approximately 20,000 teachers in the country to get its own official E-Mail addresses, a total of 700,000 Euro expensive project, told the Märkische Allgemeine newspaper.

A year later, the teacher in Brandenburg, still do not have service addresses. Instead, they are frustrated: “We see that teachers will be pressed on such a responsibility”, says Hartmut Sharper Association of Brandenburg Educators. “The least-have sufficient IT knowledge to protect their private accounts.”

a year Ago, step in to provide the service, while at the same time, to work, to accounts for teachers, reported a spokesman of the Ministry of education of the MIRROR. This officer at that time, the Ministry of the interior, the abordnete, in turn, the country’s own Central IT service provider.

But there turned out to be, how big the challenge is, says a spokesman for the interior Ministry. It was, after all, thousands of teachers, the need of possibly even “outside of normal business hours” IT Support.

The education would be the Ministry as a customer

Add to that there are reasons in the networks of the national administration of safety was not possible, from a non-secure area access. Police or tax officers are sitting at a fixed workplace in an office – teachers, however, work often from home and would login from external service mailboxes. To be sure, had to be created a whole new technical infrastructure according to the Ministry of the interior.

And then the new E-Mail addresses with a School-Cloud will be compatible, in the teacher materials for student learning can provide. The desires in any case, the Ministry of education, and the same-in front of the Brandenburg, IT-service provider as a customer – and the customer determine the requirements, the spokesman for the interior Ministry.

Overall, these requirements are so complex that you have to tender to a software search now by Europe-wide solution. A provider should hopefully be in may found. By 2020, the service should be addresses then.

But even if it is The Situation in Brandenburg is a good example of how difficult it is for the state ministries nationwide, schools also make it only in the approach to digital fit.

In the past year, the Federal government decided, with the so-called digital Pact five billion euros to the digitalisation of schools. However, the countries of the lock so far for a basic change in the law that would be necessary so that the Federal government can encourage, what he is actually not responsible. Education is the responsibility of the States, the digitization of schools so far.

Only: If students are to learn how to be safe online able to move, you need to get you a teacher that will show you how to do that. Teachers in the know of what Smartphones and social networks are – and teachers, professionally and without risk with students and parents to communicate, for example via official E-Mail addresses.

No agreement

as for this, it runs everywhere in Germany similar to that in Brandenburg. Time, the friends of the addresses, the head of the school, the sponsor of the school and time there is simply no.

Some countries, teachers with service-related devices, or E-Mail addresses, equip, says Torsten healing of the conference of education Ministers. Some countries were also to adopt rules in order to make the protection of privacy in schools is legal safe. This is also a result of last may’s newly launched data protection basic regulation, which regulates how businesses and public authorities with personal data should deal with it.

construction school

“in terms of digitalization, we are a developing country,” says Ilka Hoffmann of the education trade Union GEW. It would be nice if finally all of the teacher’s own service to get addresses.

First of all, many other sites are there, however: “There are still schools without Wi-Fi and a teachers’ room, in which only a workplace with a computer for teachers is available. If a school has actually computer for all, are often broken – and nobody is usually there to repair,” says Hoffmann.

teachers should not be left in the digital world, your fate, continues Hoffmann. A data secure official E-Mail address symbol after the @sign: The teachers would be in an online alone, the employer will take responsibility.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.