“On a motorway in lower Saxony, has pulled the police, a Truck driver from the traffic, the days almost entirely behind the wheel sat. The man had worked for six days each from 18 to 22 hours.” Such messages are constantly.

On Tuesday have now agreed the EU transport Ministers to better social standards for truck drivers. Are planned for fairer wages, shorter trips and long breaks at the Hotel instead of in the Truck. How will you implement the new rules in practice – and they actually come with the remote drivers?

These questions go to Klemens break. He is a lawyer and he knows the industry like no other. Almost ten years he sat on the box, as a Truck driver in Norway. He wanted to say a break of the law, he, and a childhood dream fulfilled.

Back in the lawyer’s life, he remained the new-found colleagues loyalty. Today, he represents the rights of shippers and truck drivers. It is a lot about social rules, such as compliance with driving times and corresponding fines.

To the Person highway firm Wilnsdorf Klemens fracture , born in 1960, is specialized lawyer in the highway office Wilnsdorf and penalties and fines in the traffic law. At the beginning of the Millennium, he drove for nearly ten years a Truck.

MIRROR ONLINE: , Mr shatter, to the car I meet to find their former colleagues, necessarily, because I’m trying to go the distance. The driving style is often scary. The there’s football, or what are they looking at?

breaking: The driver suffer from a poor Image. They are considered as bad boys, the ride brutal, not to rules and a danger to the community. Of course there are black sheep, but the majority of them do a reputable Job.
The driver, however, are constantly at the Limit: If in the construction site 80 is allowed, then move on. And the narrower the road is, the harder it is to keep the track. The world looks like from up there is different.

MIRROR ONLINE: , And a speed down switch is not in there?

breaking: of The German remote driver is under high Stress and enormous time pressure. Short time out and a Cup of coffee is not go. Then the driver has his boss on the phone. He should comply with the dates. And if he can’t afford it, surely the Argument that driver’s are cheaper remote on the market than him.

MIRROR ONLINE: where the chief knows that the driver is on break?

breaking: There is no professional group that is monitored. The carrier comes in the morning at his Computer and sees via GPS exactly where his driver is. In the Truck there is a device similar to the black box in an airplane that records everything. As you can read out the driving and break times for a whole year. Drivers it is accused of already, if you sit only a ten-minute long behind the wheel. In the process, they often can’t help it, because there are simply not enough Parking.

MIRROR ONLINE: This is not to be overlooked on German motorway rest stops. The Truck in the evening, almost up out on the acceleration strip.

breaking: It is safe, good Parking spaces are missing. Now the trucks are often in commercial areas. But the municipalities do not want to have and set up prohibition signs.
Here you would have to take the company in the duty that supply them. The discounters should be to provide a Parking space to be available, with toilet and, if possible, stay in the room.
The perception of Trucks is The are only to deliver, but then disappear again. We expect that someone will bring us our parcels and the yoghurt into the cooling rack. But we don’t want the tendon of the Truck.

MIRROR ONLINE: The EU transport Ministers have now agreed to improve the working conditions of Truck drivers in Europe. Point one, the ban on so-called Cabin. The driver should not be allowed to spend the weekly rest period of 45 hours in their cabs. What do you think?

breaking: cycle at the weekend on a Parking space in Belgium or France. Since the colleagues, roast your pork chop out of sheer desperation on the Tank. The riders from the East have to spend on the way in the West to their prescribed break time. To this Problem to get this: The company should be forced by the ban, your drivers, for example, in the Hotel to accommodate. However, it may be that the driver must pay the ultimately yourself.
To the General Parking problem that does not change. The rest of eleven hours, the driver spends in the cabin. The the remote driver principle. Modern Trucks offer there is also a certain amount of comfort, much like in an RV, even if significantly smaller. A microwave, a slatted base and a coffee maker are included, of course.

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MIRROR ONLINE: point two of the law change: The driver should be a maximum of four weeks at a time traveling in Europe.

breaking: Currently, the colleagues from Bulgaria arm. They are week long on-the-go without seeing your family. This is good that the legislator answers. The real Problem are, however, rides the so-called Cabotage. There’s a Truck, for example, from Romania, is used, where labour costs are significantly lower, week-long trips from Munich to Berlin. This is extremely cheap competition. Are allowed within seven days of only three such rides. But the controls are too small.

MIRROR ONLINE: Helps because the third point in the law, according to which the driver will be paid for as it is on your site? Accordingly, the need for Cabotage Driving in Germany, then German will be paid instead of Romanian wages.

breaking: The idea is good, but even here the control is the Problem. Starting in 2024 there will be so-called smart tachograph, the border crossings automatically monitor. It will then be easier.

MIRROR ONLINE: For the German long-distance drivers is hardly something to change the law then?

breaking: If in the long term, the price pressure decreases from the East, that is, of course, also for the colleagues in Germany. Where would this country desperately ran, the fraud control. Unfortunately, it is not common for the Truck driver to deliver the goods only to the discounters, but even still unloading. In the time of the driver shall be a control device on “Pause”, although he is still in work mode. As long as the is not more tightly controlled, the driver has little choice. He complains to the boss, says: Can the same cancel. Still, there are cheap competitors.

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