From the excitement, the “Making of a Murderer”, “to recover Making a Murderer” himself for the first time. The first season of the documentary series, which appeared in December 2015 on Netflix, causing a worldwide sensation. – as tragic as the history of the car, the junk dealer, Steven Avery was.

in 1985 sentenced falsely for rape to life imprisonment, came to Avery after 18 years – a DNA Test had proved his innocence, the local police, as the narrative of “Making a Murderer” unfolds, had from the outset no interest.

Hardly had Avery the next charge to look into the eye: the murder of Teresa Halbach, the photographed for a car magazine cars. So adventure were designed investigation and indictment in the series, so depressing, the verdict fell. Life for Avery and a long penalty for his 16-year-old nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was forced, as in “Making a Murderer” shown by the police to a fabricated confession, without which Avery could not have been convicted.

Steven Avery (right) moved with his parents

“Making a Murderer” by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos in a peculiar border area between documentation and fiction. The first season arranged the Material in ten years, so confidently, that at the end of a classic feature film dramaturgy. . The rich Material from Interrogations, and courtrooms, from private recordings and self-produced recordings of loose narrative created in the well-composed synopsis the impression gap.


the first episode of The newly released second season, is accordingly busy, with the effects of the feedback: “Making a Murderer” registered, such as “Making a Murderer” a media phenomenon. This self-thematization, the appearance of “Making a Murderer” made on the fate of Steven Avery, is always both: Both public interest as the possibility of a judicial scandal to uncover, as well as the media’s exploitation of a story that may influence a verdict.

Brendan Dassey (center) with his mother and stepfather.

In this sense, the second season is first of all a media phenomenon: the commitment of the lawyer Kathleen Zellner, who specializes in hopeless cases of innocent imprisoned, without public buoyancy of the first season. For years, Zellner’s not going to Please Avery’s to help him. Only when she sees “Making a Murderer”, it assures him of their support.

A lawyer as a script doctor

Zellner is the – in the categories of fiction moving image spoken – the main actress, super heroine. A character from the “Simpsons”: the original, and always also have reflected a caricature of itself, a, which is adorned only with superlatives (the experts with whom she wants to solve the case, in fact, are generally the best in the world). Zellners mask-like Facial expression has something Casual to extremely (reminding of the abgezockten, Fag-in-mouth-of-use-to-estimate nature of lunch lady Doris on the Simpsons), if you are registered, with never a cloudy of certainty as to the force of rational evidence every stage of the profit of the opposing side (“I don’t care what you’re up to”).

attorney Kathleen Zellner in “Making a Murderer”

To Zellner, the social implications of “Making a Murderer”; their appearance touches on gender issues, because you want to see the defensive struggle of the former public Prosecutor and all the police men, the Avery behind bars. The lawyer staged to take account of the end of Art, and is directed by “Making a Murderer” – as the enlightener.

on the one Hand, Making a Murderer is a story about the injustice of a justice system, which should be democratic. She touches on the existence of Power, when compared to the Zellner – idealistic-acting appeal, lawyers for Brendan Dassey initiated in each instance only to a wall of rejection. On the other hand, Making a Murderer is “” an expression of faith in the art – Zellners investigations in season two seem to be the work of a script doctor: The lousy script of the first season will be reviewed by your fascination with every Detail of the Case and its Narrative to a gripping crime story.

Now the reality needs to keep pace and for the pending third season of “Making a Murderer”, the “ happy ending ” to obtain it.

Making a Murderer “, 2. Season of ten new episodes for Netflix

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