Donald Trump wants to visit the Pentagon to speak about one of his favorite topics: military build-up. Specifically, it deals with new missiles, to order his generals in the coming years in the defense industry, defense systems, satellites, and, and.

The appointment in the Ministry of defence is likely to be for the President a welcome change and distraction. Because of the power struggle with the Democrats in the Congress to the wall of the Shutdown and the Russia investigation, paralyze him, the country and the entire political operation on a scale that would have even kept the greatest black painter recently for the impossible.


To visit a President who has immured itself. Donald Trump holds steadfastly to his Plan, a gigantic border barrier build to Mexico. 5.7 billion dollars he requested from Congress. As long as he does not receive the money, should the Shutdown, the partial government shutdown business, according to trump’s will. Still about 800,000 state employees waiting for their wages. An end to the crisis is not in sight.

The Shutdown is now specifically

The effects are always dramatic. An extreme example: In a Washington Restaurant, the authorities now supplied employees with free food, because some of the state servant, no more money for food.

soon the clearance of passengers at the US airports could collapse. More and more employees of the authority, the TSA for security checks, stay home. In U.S. television the first pictures of the long people make queues at major hubs like Atlanta, the round.

in addition to the Anger of the Shutdown, the President feels at the same time, the growing pressure in the Russia affair. In Washington, it is speculated that a special investigator Robert Mueller could already be present in February its final report in the matter. Although no one outside of the Mueller Teams can predict what knowledge will then be promoted to days. But Trump and his people in the White house, preparing obviously to a gigantic political and legal defensive battle. One indication of this: trump’s legal team will now consist of a minimum of 17 lawyers.

work for a “Maniac”

The Democrats will increase their new majority in Congress, already the pressure At the 7. February statements of trump’s former attorney and Confidant Michael Cohen before the house of representatives over the year-long cooperation. The first Details of the statements seep through: Cohen’m going to tell some “creepy” things, whispers it, according to the “Wall Street Journal” from his environment. Trumps “Fixer” of wool describe what it means to work for a “Insane””.

of Course, the President continues to attempt to demonstrate Composure and sovereignty. But at the same time, details of Trumps, almost every day the true state of mind your way in the Public. The Chef cooks in front of anger.

So Trump should have recently been cleared during an internal meeting his new chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney as a school boy, reports the news page of Axios. To talk about “stop it. You ruin everything,” I Trump called.

The White house is leaving Trump in these days only rarely. And if so, then the things will come to him, sometimes, confusion. A Short Trip to a meeting of US farmers announced Trump via Twitter that he was flying now, to farmers, to Nashville, Tennessee. In fact, he was on the way to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Democrats are pursuing pleasure for the confusion with a mixture of horror and Pity. Now it appears that the new speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is a master in Trump outmaneuver.

Trumps most dangerous opponent

Pelosi meets with the President where it will hurt most – his vanity. With a cool Write has Trumps for the 29. January planned “state of the Union speech” in front of both houses of Congress virtually cancelled. As a reason, the power, the official hostess, security concerns. A preparation of the gigantic Events would be useful, since some of the involved security authorities were also affected by the Shutdown, Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi

Trump had planned to use the appearance to advertise, such as recently in his television speech, once again for its wall plans. He must consider whether he submitted his speech in writing in the case of Pelosi. Alternatively, he could also – as recently – from the White house to the Nation’s talk. If all of the major TV stations have again precious air time, however, remains questionable.

The population has found their culprit already

Pelosi is now clearly Trumps most dangerous opponent. You don’t want to give in in the dispute over the wall of a Millimeter – and the President is in a Dilemma: Is it small, it seems so, as he had capitulated to Pelosi. He is set to hold on the wall and on the Shutdown, could soon offload more and more American voters blamed him.

four of the surveys from the past few days show that most Americans make the President now responsible for the deadlock (between 47 and 56 percent). Only a minority (29 to 36 percent) puts the responsibility on the Democrats. If this Trend solidifies, would Trump soon left with no other option than to search for the compromise.

“Pelosi has made Trump a trap,” analyzes the Trump-critical author David Frum. “He walked into the trap and now she has locked behind him.”

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