The ratio of U.S. President Donald Trump to Russia’s head of state, Vladimir Putin is once again placed in the focal point of public interest. Background a review of the “New York Times” (“NYT”). Accordingly, the FBI has investigated whether Trump was a Russian Agent.

In an Interview with his preferred channel Fox News, Trump is now confronted directly with the question of whether he was currently working for Russia, or for Russia have worked. Trump then said only that it was the “insulting” question he was ever asked. An answer to the question he gave.

The presenter Jeanine Pirro, a friend of trump’s, and a journalist by the US channel Fox News, had asked him during the phone interviews directly: “do you now, or have you ever worked for Russia, Mr President?”

The Passage you see here in the Video starting from Minute 8:

In the United States, the debate about whether the President was probably a Russian Agent, or is, enormous gains momentum. Current trigger of the report of the “New York Times”, according to the US Federal police had initiated the FBI in the year 2017, an investigation of this question. The “NYT” writes itself: Whether Trump is a Russian Agent, “is a question that hovers for the last two years of his presidency”.

A day after the report of the “NYT” about the investigation to the FBI, the Washington Post (“WP”) tells about oddities in the ratio of Trump to Russia. So Trump had kept the contents of his talks with Putin himself before the closest associates carefully concealed: To give five Meetings with Putin during the past two years there are no detailed records, according to “WP” citing current and former government employees.

In one case, the U.S. took away the President even his interpreter, the notes, and this is forbidden, the content of the conversation.

Trump spoke of a “ridiculous” accusation, denied the report, however, expressly.

While the majority of the members of Trumps Republican party, the President defended and stressed that this represent to Russia a tougher stance than his predecessor, Barack Obama, filed for the Republican Senator Ted Cruz of doubt. Politicians from the Democrats demanded enlightenment.


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