Donald Trump changes like his opinions and plans, as it suits him. But there was one thing that he followed a very determined and stubborn is his re-election in 2020.

there has Long been a Team to organize Trumps election campaign, slogans are designed, posters printed, and donations collected. The Committee for the re-election of the President has already collected an impressive $ 100 million, mainly from small donors, which have paid amounts up to $ 200.

the question of whether Trump will really run again is not answered, for a long time so clearly, how it could have been the President. In the dispute with the Democrats over his wall plans Trump is currently the strong man and threatened with a year-long Shutdown. But in truth, the President acts at the beginning of the new year is so weak as never, his political fate hangs in the balance.

New rumors about trump’s political end

the new Power of The Democrats in Congress, the new Disposals in his Cabinet, the Russia investigation and the uncertain prospects for the U.S. economy in Washington for a wave of rumors and speculation about a premature end of a trump presidency. Once again, you have to say restrictive.

just in Time to your first day of work, the new speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, a possible impeachment process (Impeachment) against the President brought into the conversation, and did not, in fact, that Trump of Russia investigator Robert Mueller is accused of. Whether you know about the investigation, perhaps more than previously known, said Pelosi this way is not sent.

More on the subject of Democrat Pelosi against Trump Always counterproductive

either way, their Expressions are remarkable: An indictment by Mueller would be a novelty. Yet, it was always possible that the President-in-office of the justice is dealt by the authorities as an ordinary Criminal. It should actually come to a indictment, could not rely on Trump, probably longer, all of his own party friends in Congress to protect against the impeachment.

What will Romney?

it’s fitting that the Republicans are already the highest nervousness and restlessness. The return of the Trump-opponent Mitt Romney on the political stage, and inspires the imagination of all those Washington officials in the party would send to the President today rather than tomorrow in the desert, this is not dare to say publicly yet.

The 71-year-old Romney, who was just sworn in as the new Senator for his home state of Utah, is considered by many as the figurehead of a possible resistance movement within the party. Already on his first day as a Senator, he criticized Trump in a plurality of word messages and certainly some of the Republicans from the soul spoken of. Among other things, he accused the President, his behavior, to the office. Prompt the Trump-critical, “Washington Post asked,” with joyful excitement: “Will Romney lead the revolt?”

Romney, the 2012 presidential candidate of the Republican rejects all speculation about a candidacy in 2020. But at the same time he leaves open the question of whether he would support trump’s re-nomination as a candidate for the Republicans in the coming year, a clear swipe against the President: “I want to see what the Alternatives are,” he explained in CNN.

Also, if Trump and his followers, the maximum number of left, you can understand Romney’s statements confidently in the fight. Because: Should Romney or any other Trump plan-opponents such as the former Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, in fact, a possible candidacy in the party’s internal primaries, this would be for Trumps is quite a threat. While the President may rely currently on a very high approval rate of more than 80 percent in the case of the simple members. However, this support must not be permanent.

The mood can tilt

Trumps rivals lurk manifestly on your opportunity. In particular, a Slowdown in the economy or new revelations in the Russia affair, could darken the mood of the party. A would be in the Republican primaries, for all the Malcontents against a candidate, it would have to do Trump in the election campaign, suddenly, with a Two-front conflict: He would not have to compete not only against the Democrats, but also against competition from its own ranks.

No rosy prospects for Trump. In the past several presidents who sought a second term in office, found themselves in this perplexing situation. The thing did not work out well for you:

had to say, for example, Jimmy Carter in 1980 against the rival Ted Kennedy, a strength-sapping endeavor. Although Carter won the primaries but lost in the subsequent presidential election against the opposition candidate, Ronald Reagan. Something similar happened to George H. W. Bush , had to say at the time of the pre-election in 1992 against Pat Buchanan, and then the actual election against Bill Clinton and lost.

might be How serious the situation is for Trump, ancestors probably allies of the President. Romney had clearly begun to trump’s claim to leadership in question, declared the former election chief of the Republican Steve Bannon. “This is it.”

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