Two sensational studies show, the extent to which Russian players have been trying for years to influence the political mood in the US – also via Twitter. Donald Trump, however, has been dedicated to the studies so far, no Tweet.

Instead, the U.S. President has complained on Tuesday to the public via Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and the document freely and without Russia-reference: In a Tweet he claims the three Tech companies were “so biased in the direction of the Democrats, that it is ridiculous!”. What exactly he supports this statement leaves open the Trump.

Further, the US President, writes, Twitter, have it “made for the people much more difficult for @realDonaldTrump to connect”. Probably with a view to its Follower Numbers on Twitter, it says: “you have removed a lot of names and the level and pace of growth is slowing down.”

the fact is: to follow Donald Trump on Twitter, is in principle just as easily or hard as it always was. It is already logged in to Twitter, click on the “follow”Button next to his name…

… has been following his Account.

Just as quickly you can unfollow Trump.

Not Trumps first criticism on Twitter

It’s not the first Time that Trump complained via a Tweet about an allegedly unfair treatment by the service. At the end of October the US President already did something Similar. At the time, he claimed that Twitter had removed “the people from his Account and apparently did something that it is clearly more difficult to be”. Evidence that Twitter has a lock on a larger number of real-Trump-Followers of the platform, remained the US President in the autumn of guilty.

Twitter had previously announced, as then a number of times that the company is trying to do something about the Fake and Spam Accounts in its offer.

So Twitter is expecting, for example, since July, for security reasons, or due to rule violations, blocked, or restricted Accounts from the Follower Numbers. Similarly, to log in to the service, unlike earlier, now a confirmation via an E-Mail address or phone number needed.

These Changes affect all Accounts on the platform, not just the Donald Trump. In addition, anyone can read trump’s Twitter posts, without having to in to Twitter sign up. It is enough to completely, the Twitter profile of the U.S. President in a web browser.

trump’s Followers are to be paid in July by the way to three million users to increase.


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