Dear Mr. President,

it is an honor to our country than the 26. The Minister of defense to have served. It has allowed me to defend together with the men and women of the Ministry of defence, our citizens, and Ideals.

I’m proud of the progress we have made in the past two years, in some of our defense strategy, main goals and objectives: to give the authority a better financial basis, to increase the readiness and performance of our troops and to reform the business practices of the authority, to eat their services.

A Conviction I’ve always had, is that our strength as a Nation is inextricably linked to our extensive and unique System of alliances and partnerships. While the United States remains the indispensable Nation in the free world, we can’t protect our interests, or our role be, without these strong Connections to maintain and respect our partners. Like you, I have said from the beginning that the troops of the United States may not be the world police. Instead, we must use all our tools of American Power to a common defence, including our leadership role to our partners. The 29 democratic countries of the Nato have demonstrated this strength in her willingness, after the 11. To fight in September at our page. The coalition from 74 States in the fight against the “Islamic state” is further proof.

A part of the resignation letter of the Minister of defence James Mattis for President Trump.

I Also think that we should resolutely and unambiguously in our experiment, the approximation of the countries whose strategic interests are increasingly in conflict. It is clear that China and Russia want to create a world that corresponds to your authoritarian System by gaining Veto authority, on economic, diplomatic and security-policy decisions of other Nations to further their own interests at the expense of their neighbors, the United States and our allies. This is the reason why we must use all tools of American Power to the common defense.

My views, to treat allies with respect, and meet at the same time harmful to the players, and strategic opponents with open eyes, resulting from over four decades of specialization in these subjects. We must do everything what is possible to a international order to advance our security, our prosperity and our values is appropriate and we are encouraged in this endeavor by the solidarity of our partners.

Because you have the right to have a Minister of defence in office, whose views on these and other topics better to your, I believe that it is right for me, from my Position, to withdraw. The end date of my service time 28.February 2019. A date that leaves enough time to nominate a successor for me, and to confirm and also to ensure that the interests of the Department can be brought up at future events, like the congressional hearing in the new candidates, and the Meeting of Nato defence Ministers in February, correct and protected. The Transition can be in addition, prior to the change of the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in September completed, the stability in the Department.

I promise to put all my power in a smooth Transition. (…)

I appreciate the Chance, the Nation and our men and women in Uniform served.

James Mattis


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