At 7. February it would have to be so far, then, Donald trump’s Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen before the U.S. Congress wanted to testify. Now Cohen made about his legal adviser Lanny Davis, however, inform of The appointment would be postponed.

In the message from Davis, it is said that Cohen and his family are threatened by pages of Trumps and its attorney Rudolph Giuliani. “This is a time in which Mr. Cohen and his family and their safety first.” Details of the “threats” mentioned Davis.

Cohen will continue to cooperate with all the authorities and to appear before the Committee of the house of representatives at a later date, and statements, announced Davis.

a key figure in the Russia-investigations

Cohen was more than a decade, a close Confidant of Trumps. Meanwhile, the two crossed swords and Cohen cooperated with the special investigator Robert Mueller. To investigate the possible collusion of the Trump camp with Moscow in the U.S.-the election campaign of 2016. Trump rejects it and speaks of a “witch-hunt”. Cohen is considered a key figure in the investigation.

In December, was sentenced by a Federal court in New York Cohen, among other things, for tax evasion and false statements before the Congress to a three-year prison sentence. He had given, to have the Congress at its Russia-investigations in connection with a planned construction project Trumps in Moscow lied to. He has to his sentence on 6. March compete.

Video: trump’s Ex-lawyer, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison



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