The camp of US President Donald Trump should have tried surveys in favour of Trumps. A report of the “Wall Street Journal” confirmed the former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. It is about a period far prior to the election campaign of 2016.

In a Tweet, wrote to Cohen: “with regard to the article in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ about the Beautiful of surveys – what I’ve done, was in the order of @realDonaldTrump @POTUS.”, so Cohen in the short message service, the user name of Trump on the Social Media platform using. “I repent sincerely of my blind loyalty to a man who doesn’t deserve you.”

There are surveys that took place in 2014 and in February 2015 – so still well before the start of pre-election struggle for the presidential election in 2016. In a survey conducted by the US broadcaster CNBC Trumps to 100 business people to Cut off the question on the Top embellished. However, this was not successful. In another survey it was in the beginning of 2015 the possible candidates of the Republicans for the election in 2016. There, Trump came in fifth place.

the report of The “Wall Street Journal”, according to Cohen, had commissioned a company in order to forge the two on-line surveys in favor of Trumps. The founder of the company was to receive $ 50,000. In fact, he only received between 12,000 and 13,000 dollars, as well as a Boxing glove, the should once have a Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts fighter worn. The Trump organization, but I paid $ 50,000 to Cohen. Cohen denied the representation that the money had been handed over in a shopping bag of the supermarket chain WalMart. All payments were made by cheque.

Cohen is not regarded as a key figure in investigations against Trump

evidence that it could be fake trials during the actual election campaign, given that the report contains.

Cohen was more than a decade, a close Confidant of Trumps. Meanwhile, the two crossed swords and Cohen cooperated with the special investigator Robert Mueller. To investigate the possible collusion of the Trump camp with Moscow in the U.S.-the election campaign of 2016. Trump rejects it and speaks of a “witch-hunt”.

Cohen is considered a key figure in the investigation. In December, a Federal court in New York, Cohen was convicted of, among other things, for tax evasion and false statements before the Congress to a three-year prison sentence. He had given, to have the Congress at its Russia-investigations in connection with a planned construction project Trumps in Moscow lied to. He has to his sentence on 6. March compete.


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