The “Surprise” was leaked before. After a chaotic, every hour a new swirl embossed Christmas it was suddenly quiet in the White house. Although Wednesday was in the USA a day of work, was orphaned in the Oval Office. President Donald Trump was nowhere to be seen, and even on Twitter, he remained silent.

Then a plan Potter photographed in the sky over the United Kingdom a Boeing 747 that looked like trump’s “Air Force One”. Radar data confirmed the presumption and that it was launched from the U.S. Andrews air force base in Washington.

“insiders say that Trump is on the way to a troop visit, possibly in Iraq,” tweeted Paul Rieckhoff, the head of the U.S. veterans organization, IAVA. “Better late than never.”

Finally, trump’s spokeswoman Sarah confirmed Huckabee Sanders, via cell phone photo. The President and First Lady Melania Trump showed you on the US-Iraqi airbase at Al-Asad with soldiers posing in the Background is a Christmas wreath.

Video: trump’s flying visit to the US airbase in Ramstein


trump’s After-Christmas visit to the soldiers at the front should motivate, which he visited for the first time ever – a failure that had robbed him of many evils. You should strengthen the confidence in Trump, after the popular defence had walked out on Minister James Mattis in the dispute. And you should put a new topic, and the bad headlines of the last few days – “Shutdown”, stock market turbulence, Central Bank of doubt, the Syria debate, Cabinet carousel with at least one good punch line displace.

Trump in Iraq

it worked, but only to a limited extent. Trumps short-travel dominated, although temporarily, the news, and the US stock markets, the days of the celebration were found in a dive, recovered, at least on Wednesday of the enormous losses of the past few days.

But the political Chaos in Washington, which is one of the main reasons for the market was, of course, the turbulence continued unabated.


New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

The exchanges berappelten on the first U.S. trading day after Christmas, in fact, from the shock of the previous week, as all indices in a bear market, suggesting. The Dow Jones rose for the first time, even more than 1000 points. But this electronic “herds”-trade-distorted turns, were able to reassure insiders are not – they were regarded rather as a Symbol for the rollercoaster ride of the Era Trump. Motto: So it could go further.

“I hope the relief keeps the markets this week,” said Portfolio Manager Eric Wiegand of the “Wall Street Journal”, but there was also a concern: “Many of the Concerns that revolve around Washington, are more available.”

The biggest concern is, however, Trump, who sees the exchange as a Barometer of its popularity and responded accordingly. He was watching the markets, “obsessed,” wrote the Washington Post. Trump to the Boom of the last few years as a personal merit, but rejects any responsibility for the recent downward trends.

The truth lies in between: No US President, the stock markets can control to his favor, but he can stretch properly.

Trump and Fed Chairman Powell,

this is what happened. Although the stock market had a crash of the complex causes, made Trump alone, US Central Bank chief Jerome Powell liable for this, because the had once again increased the key interest rates – which rose also Trumps private million loans. Trump asked internally, even if he could fire Powell. The investors are unsettled.

Minister of economic Affairs Steven Mnuchin – just in Mexico vacationing – then made things worse by he called the heads of the six largest US banks to ensure their liquidity, and then published. So he decided to only panic.

Many observers expect, anyway, that the bull market will soon run out of air, also with a view to the Trump-instigated trade wars. The coming year will be “very hard,” said Todd Horwitz, chief strategist of the investment company Bubba Trading, the business news channel CNBC: “I think the us recession is imminent.”


Closed U.S. national archives

In the “Shutdown”-dispute over trump’s demand for five billion dollars for the construction of a border wall moved to Mexico with nothing. Rather, the White house common contradictory Statements.

It could take “quite possible” that the government was at a standstill, which had begun because of the outstanding budgetary items, on Saturday, till into the new year, said trump’s designated chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney. Spokeswoman for Huckabee Sanders indicated, however, that Trump would probably also accept a lower sum or “Shutdown-money” – without explaining what is meant by this.

Trump said, to him also “a fence, rich maybe, whatever you want to call” – but then announced that he had already been granted to 185 kilometres to the re-build, put. In the White house, no one knew where these 185 kilometers.

Trump makes Christmas calls.

On the first calendar day of the shutdown of nine ministries – some of which are currently being merged anyway, the only Commissioner – were so broke. Many servants of the state, which remained unpaid, filed a lawsuit under the Twitter Hashtag #shutdown stories about the issues that you of the halt ready-to – rent arrears, missed loan installments, unpaid medical expenses.

A compromise before new year’s eve seems to be highly unlikely. The Senate, which must approve the budget, meets this Thursday evening. Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner, who had been acting as chief negotiator, flew on vacation to Florida, where he was casual in Shorts and sandals photograph.

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