In a heated debate with high-ranking Democrats, US President, Donald Trump has a lock with a budget, a so-called “Shutdown” and threatened. The dispute concerned the proposed wall on the border to Mexico. Trump demands that the Congress provides the money for the construction of ready. “If we don’t get what we want, I’m going to put the government’s lame”, said the President.

A “Shutdown” means that the Federal government may only make the most necessary expenditure. Tens of thousands of government employees would have to stay home and would not be at least paid temporarily. In July, Trump had threatened with a Shutdown, then it went to the harsh immigration policy of the President.

The most recent confrontation occurred in a Meeting Trumps with the democratic leaders of the Senate and of the house of representatives, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, in the Oval Office.

In two weeks, a part of the threatened partial Shutdown

The Problem: On 21. In December, the funding for some authorities. There is no new solution that threatens a partial Shutdown. The for border protection and the competent Department of homeland security. Trump is the Republicans have until next month though still a majority in the Senate and in the house of representatives. In order to adopt a budget law, they need the support of the Democrats.

last Thursday, the US Congress had passed a transitional budget. Not the President’s requested five billion dollars for the construction of the wall are included. Trump has until Friday evening, the package to sign.

For Schumer: “We should not paralyze the government due to a dispute.” Trump, however, said he would be in the battle for the wall “proud to be the government to paralyze”. Because the citizens of the United States did not want “Criminals and people who flush a lot of problems and drugs in our country”. For border security, a wall was necessary.


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