Cycling without a hose promises a lot of advantages, for example, less panels. As our blog author, Ralf Neukirch, spotted the Trend, he would have peppered, however, like to first a tire in the corner.

I tilt the bike to the conservatism. To get used to disc brakes on the wheel that I have used for years. Against electronic Circuits, I have a justifiable reluctance.

Sometimes I dare the leap into the Modern. But this has its pitfalls, as I have now been allowed to re-learn.

about The author Hanna Becker First of all, little pointed to a continuing love affair. The first encounter with a Bicycle, the Ralf Neukirch remember, ended with a fall. But at some point, the Cycling of the need for passion was for the LEVEL editor. Since then, he holds it with John F. Kennedy: “Nothing compares with the simple pleasure to ride a bike.”

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My fight against the latest Trend in tires I gave up after I spent two days with my gravel bike. This is intended for trips on gravel paths and forest trails. I had three plates within two days. The I found decided to a lot of. So I asked a bike shop, my bike to Tubeless.

Tubeless is simply that the wheel is only driven with a coat, but without the hose. The technology for cars and motorcycles since decades Standard. Especially on mountain bikes Tubeless is more and more popular. It is intended to reduce the rolling resistance and reduce the weight. The tires are supposed to be puncture-proof.

conversion takes a few minutes

There are also disadvantages, but I didn’t know at the beginning from her own experience. The changeover from the dealer lasted a few minutes, because my tire and my rim is “Tubeless ready” – that is, they are suitable for Driving without a hose. I gave my bike, drank a coffee and went tubeless. I came without plates by the summer. I was convinced.

However, only until the end of November the autumn. I wanted to equip the gravel bike with knobby tires for the mud. Without a hose, such tires are even better On dirt roads you can drive with less air pressure, in order to increase adhesion and comfort. You don’t have to be afraid that the tire POPs onto the rim edges, if you hover over a stone or a root. A hose broke could with such a punch. Tubeless tires keep the.

So fast the old tire off, new tire on and start driving. So was the Plan.

The dense milk-debacle

I should have known better. The first mistake I made, I knew already: After work quickly a thing on the bike to do, the difficulty is a bad estimate – not a good idea. New techniques to try out on best in a relaxed state of mind. The I was missing.


Then I made a classic beginner’s mistake. I had not thought of it that tubeless tyres are filled with sealant. The seals surface irregularities between the tire and the rim, and glued stitches, and minor cuts immediately. The Sealant dries out with time, which is why they should be refilled every three months.

In my tires it was not dried yet. And now I can say: The note, the milk, the stains are difficult to out of clothing to remove, you should take it seriously.

don’t breakdown on the road

My mishap pushed me to an important Argument against the new technology: the Case of a larger crack, or cut, the milk does not seal properly, you have to change in the absence of the hose to the tire. But what if the breakdown occurs on the road, where no one tires has a spare? Then it helps, but a hose to collect. However, this maneuver is associated with a mess.

My tire change was according to the density of milk debacle once easily. Special valve clean, coat it again. Everything worked without tire levers, which is good, because it excludes a small amount of damage, which can otherwise affect the tightness.

But it worked, should show to good. Between the edge of the rim and coat quite a lot of air.


the Internet is drawn to the counselors to the fact that Tubeless tires be easily mounted with a compressor, as bike shops have. The device fills the tires on a beat with a lot of air. This presses the sheath against the rim, and the Whole thing is tight. In the same counselors it is, the effect is to leave with a good floor pump.

I have a good floor pump. But when I tried to inflate the tire, happened – nothing. I pressed on the tire, tried to place him closer to the rim. The air flowed merrily on the tire. I rubbed it, as recommended, the tire bead areas with soapy water, so that they slip easier to the space provided. I turned the valve to use to quickly get air into the tire. The result remained the same.

pepper Humiliating going to the bike dealer

Instead of the tire in the corner, what would have been appropriate, I tried something: I pulled the coat back from the rim, removed the valve, put on a new hose and pumped up the tires. With a loud Crack and Crash of the cloak slipped in his Position. There he should stay for at least 24 hours, and then, after the removal of the tube, easy to inflate. He knew now, how he should sit.

that’s the theory. What happened when I tried to inflate the following evening the tire without a tube again, you can think of – it didn’t work. On the inside I finished with Tubeless. What is the nonsense? I am 45 years without.

Abandon was for me, but not a solution. To me only one solution remained: I took the humiliating walk to the bike shop. I don’t hate the pitying look he gives me when I can’t do a thing alone, this “let’s better the expert do it”attitude. Maybe I’m imagining the condescension. My bike dealer is actually very nice.

An unbeatable advantage

Anyway, he took his compressor, and three seconds later, the tire was sitting like he should. The density of milk, I filled at home by the valve. Now everything worked.

was it worth the effort? If the tires roll without hose really better, can’t judge. But it is a pleasant feeling, to be able to dirt Trails with low tire pressure without fear of a flat. I’ll take the Monday effort, even if it means, due to a simple tire change at the bike shop.

On my road bike and city Bike, I’m going to stay with the traditional combination of the hose and the sheath. Punches do not play a role on Asphalt.

The alleged weight saving of Tubeless tires is minimal, because for a hose-free Assembly required wheels and coats are slightly heavier than conventional. Add to that the weight of the sealant, and the wider rim tape, disappears the weight advantage. Maybe I’ll buy someday a compressor. Then I start to think again about the matter.

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