In Tunisia, set himself on fire a man himself – almost exactly eight years after in the North African country, the vegetable vendor Mohamed Bouazizi in Protest against police arbitrariness and the poor social situation in the same way, just killed had, and thus the impetus for the Arab spring. On Monday, the 32-year-old Journalist Abderrazak Zorgui doused himself in the town of Kasserine with a flammable liquid and set then on fire. He died a little later of his injuries in hospital.

In a Video on Facebook Zorgui had announced his act shortly before. “I’m going to burn in 20 minutes,” said the man. “I’m going to start my own Revolution.”

As a trigger for his public suicide of a man named the unemployment and the bad economic situation in Kasserine. The government, he accused you brand nip any Protest as terrorism and wool, so that any opposition in the Bud.

on Tuesday night, a few hours after Zorguis self-immolation, built dozens of protesters in Kasserine. They blocked tire the main road with a barricade of burning car. The police used tear gas against the protesters. According to the interior Ministry in Tunis, six security forces were slightly injured, nine people had been detained.

The national Union of journalists, called for solidarity demonstrations for Zorgui. The Association accused the government to have the fight against corruption and thus to the suicide of journalists, contributed to be neglected.

Kasserine is located approximately 270 kilometers from the capital far in the interior of Tunisia. The 100,000-inhabitant city was already during the Revolution in the years 2010 and 2011, the scene of clashes between protesters and security forces. In the past few years, people demonstrated in the city against the bad economic situation. The mountainous hinterland of Kasserine is regarded as a place of refuge for militant Islamists with Links to terrorist organizations “Islamic state” (IS) and al-Qaeda.


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