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read Such images from an “Arab brother state” wanted to avoid the Saudi Royal house as much as possible. “Tunisia is free, out with the Killer,” calls the crowd. “Salman is a war criminal” is on the self-painted poster of Trilla Rihab. “Everyone knows that he is a murderer,” says the 25-year-old law student, came with two Girlfriends for a Protest on Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis. “This man is not compatible with our country, our values and our Revolution.”

On the most famous promenade of the capital of Tunisia, the Arab spring took place in 2011. Under the old Regime, was not allowed to open the mouth, “but now we can do it,” agreed an older man Rihab, carrying a slim briefcase under his Arm. “In our country, Salman has nothing.”

What upset the several Hundred Demonstrators, the visit of the criticism concerning the Saudi heir to the throne, wanted to on his eight-day Arabia tour on the way to Argentina for a stopover in Tunis loading. The CIA had certified to the king’s son recently, he had arranged “with high probability” the bestial murder in Istanbul of his critics, the journalist Jamal Khashoggi,.

at the same time, the 33-Year-old is regarded as the mastermind of the devastating war in Yemen, the United Nations described as “the greatest humanitarian Disaster of the present.” “Salman is a Despot that knows only the Dollars and nothing in the head,” scolds a petite woman with henna red hair and the plaid wool coat. You should know: for some 40 years, the 66-Year-old worked before her Retirement as a Bank clerk.

the night before had shown demonstrates people in the city centre of Tunis, and MBS, such as the Saudi monarch is called the son, with the initials, symbolic of the red card. An activist force in black-and-white clown costumes around violently on the steps of the city theatre with the limbs of a mannequin. Your creepy Pantomime plays on the findings of the Turkish investigators, the Riad upon arrival, the killer of a command have divided the body of Jamal Khashoggi immediately after his death, with a bone saw.

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