He has begged and admonished and, at last, even with the war, threatened for Months to bring tried to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the US support for the Kurdish militia YPG in Syria. Now he gets what he wanted. The US government pulls its troops out unexpectedly from the war-torn country. However, the Turkish President remains strangely silent.

Although praised Erdogan shortly before Christmas, in a speech before businessmen in Istanbul for its own foreign policy: “We are writing history now,” he said. The jubilation among his people, but within limits. The planned military operation against the YPG militia has moved the Turkish government. At the presidential Palace in Ankara seems to be after the initial euphoria, the knowledge to enforce that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria to Turkey poses at least as many risks as opportunities.

The USA fought so far in Syria, together with the Kurdish YPG against the so-called Islamic state (IS). Erdogan considers the YPG, the Syrian offshoot of the guerrilla organization PKK, classified by Turkey as well as from the United States and the EU as a terrorist group. He has declared war against the militia, a priority of its foreign policy. Already at the beginning of 2018, the Turkish soldiers were moved into the town of Afrin, in order to expel YPG fighters from the border area. Now the Turkey would extend the Operation to the North-East of the country.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Of Moscow are no easy concessions to expect

The Turkish government aroused for a long time, the Turkish military would be there by March, should give the United States its cooperation with the YPG. But the withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Syria could complicate Intervention by Turkey in the border area now.

On Friday, the Kurds dictator Bashar al-Assad asked officially for help against Turkey. The Syrian military said its troops in the town of Manbij moved the state so far under the control of the YPG. Erdogan has abandoned his goal to overthrow Assad, a long time ago. Now, however, he must fear that Damascus uses the YPG as a means of pressure against him.

How to do it in the North-East of Syria, is likely to decide, especially in Moscow. President Vladimir Putin is Assad’s most important ally. He has little interest in Turkey, which already controlled the areas around the cities of Afrin and Dschrablus, still more in Syria. Russia will agree to an operation against the YPG only if Ankara is Vice versa to share the concessions in the other country.

Coped Erdogan’s military additional fronts?

And even if Erdogan with Putin and Assad agreed on a Deal, are not solved for his government to all the problems in Syria. An invasion of Turkey in North-East Syria is likely to trigger a further humanitarian disaster. Human rights organisations warn of Thousands of civilian deaths.


Erdogan has assured US President Donald Trump, in a telephone conversation also, to eliminate the “Islamic state”,””, a Job that so far U.S. troops and YPG together. Now he could lead the Turkish military to the border of the load-carrying capacity.

even now, Turkish soldiers are fighting in Northern Iraq against the PKK and hold various territories in occupied Syria. Turkey should expand the use in North Syria, it would add at least two more fronts. It is questionable whether the Turkish military to fill the power vacuum, the deduction created by the American -,. The Turkish journalist Amberin Zaman reminded on the analysis Portal Al-Monitor just a saying: Be careful what you Wish for, it might come true.

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