There is movement in the trade dispute between the EU and the US: The EU Commission wants to negotiate with the government in Washington a new agreement. The authority will present on Friday proposals for appropriate mandates, such as the LEVEL learned from the circles of the Commission and the European Parliament. You should now be the Council of the member States, who must then give permission for the Start of the negotiations.

The two mandates related duties to data from according to insiders only to the abolition of Industry and regulatory issues. The controversial duties on cars will remain, therefore, outside as well as climate protection, employee rights, environmental standards, or the access of European companies to the US market for public procurement.

The Commission deviates from their previous line, to conduct talks on a new agreement, when U.S. President Donald Trump takes his recently introduced tariffs on steel and Aluminium back. Also Trumps the threat of new charges on European car imports is still in the room.

regulations to climate protection

missing “It is absurd to negotiate with this threat in the Background, now on a new agreement”, says Bernd Lange (SPD), head of the trade Committee of the EU Parliament. Although should be included in the mandates of a clause, which stipulates that the negotiations will be terminated should introduce the U.S. government’s new tariffs. However, the Commission is sending a fatal Signal for negotiations with other States, says Long: “It is the impression that the EU block under threats small.”

the Lack of regulations to climate protection could still cause Trouble – because the EU Parliament has set in the summer of 2018 to the fact that there is no trade contract, will accept that the Paris climate agreement will be disregarded. “The ratification would be difficult so very, very much,” for so Long.

SPD-man doubted that the Treaty with the rules of the world trade organization (WTO) would be compliant. Usually, a free trade agreement to reduce tariffs by at least 90 percent. “If one includes, however, only the industrial goods and cars outside,” so Long, “then comes the best case to 70 percent.”

The Commission wants to present its proposals on Friday at noon officially.

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