With good Timing had messed up Samsung the competition the Parade. On Sunday, a day before the other – and even Samsung itself – even with their press conferences started, sent to the Korean group a press release that got huge attention: From 2019, Samsung Smart TVs will be equipped with an App that can be used to watch movies and TV shows from Apple’s iTunes Store. This is something new, something no TV.

On the actual press day, however the LG was clearly the more exciting appearance. Samsung Erzkonkurrent showed a TV that rolls up when not in use. At LGs press conference that was to give the audience a scene worthy of applause. On closer inspection, in one of LG specially rented Hotel Suite, we were able to watch the TV with the model number 65R9.

Where you can’t see the TV when you first look at it. First of all, only a large rectangular Box in the room. Only after a pressure on the remote control is pushed to the top of a door to the side, and slowly, the TV does. This is reminiscent of an electrically operated projection screen – what rolls out as apart, but a real TV.


looks like A hard to His back is a bit of a latte shade. The front of the rolling television delivers a picture, as you would expect from a good OLED television, with strong contrasts and colors, and deep, dark Black. The Sound he produces, however, is much stronger, than usual, because in addition to the rolling mechanism, a Soundbar with 100 watts of power is in the rectangular box, the TV is unrolled.

This design is likely to have their share of it, that the device brings, according to LG Manager around 100 kilograms on the scale. Once placed, you will not want to move it.

Interestingly, a mode in which it rolls up the screen only to about two-thirds again. The remaining third will contain a menu in which you show, for example, a clock, display background images or the music.

With further technical Details LG is holding back still. In the second half of 2019, the roll-up 65-inch model will come in the trade: The September, when in Berlin, the IFA takes place, could be a suitable time. What is the cost of the device is not yet decided. Sure does not seem, as yet, only that it is cheap. A five-digit sum is likely to be realistic.

Samsung looks far into the future

Instead of such a right in a timely manner coming products focus Samsung focused its presentation of new TVs on future projects. Last year, the group had shown the 146-inch “The Wall”, a giant TV, whose screen is composed of square tile modules. This year a new Version was presented, which is 219 inches, so a good five and a half meters screen size again significantly larger.

Samsung Highlight, however, was a mini version of “The Wall”, which fits with 75 inches, rather in a normal living room. For Samsung this is a step forward. On the tiles of the “The Wall” were the image points are not fine enough, at least not for such a comparatively small screen sizes. For the smaller model, it has refined the technique so that to 75-inch 4K-resolution is possible. Samsung calls this technology, Micro-LED.

also, some of the other screens that had been put together from the tiles of the 75-inch model were Shown: Some of them were very broad, others upright and very long. The exhibits should show how one can, in the future, his desire television from tiles, so put together how you want it, regardless of standard formats. Attractive is also the possibility to zoom in to a television simply by to buy a couple of tiles.

Samsung TV with nearly 2.5-Meter-large screen

As early as 2018 Samsung, however, remained clearly guilty, when and at what price you will be able to make his television in this way. The most concrete product of the stage was, therefore, a new 8K TV, with close to 2.5 meters diagonal screen size. Such products you need right now, said a Samsung-Manager. Finally, Samsung have sold last year, twice as many TVs in the Format of 75 inches and larger as of 2017. A price has not been called for this device.

Sony shows nothing

Even more cautious as Samsung Sony was. The press conference of the Japanese group turned primarily to Sony’s movie division and a new part of the “Spider-Man”film series. In detail, various professional film cameras have been dealt with. Similarly, the sale has been emphasized the success of the Playstation 4 and the thriving music Business praised. As the star guest Pharrell Williams came on stage.

Sony President Kenichiro Yoshida( left) with Pharrell Williams, and Rob Stringer of Sony Music Entertainment

New products, however, it was to see just how unintentionally. During a lecture about animation movies short, two new TV models were shown on the big screen. However, neither the speaker went on to the devices, even were called their names, or even technical Details.

After all, via press release, Sony explained that there were two new devices in the Masters-series, to tickle out with 8K resolution and a new processor “the last bit of image quality from Stream, Blu-ray or the TV-program”. Following the General Trend, also these devices are very large, you have 85 or 98-inch diagonal image. Prices also Sony is not called.

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