The lawyer show “Suits” was in the USA for many years quite successfully, but in the world she became known because one of the main characters exit inside: Meghan Markle had played seven seasons in the role of Rachel Zane. In real life you fell in love with the British Prince Harry. And the acting, hung, finally, to the nail in order to devote themselves fully to their duties in the British Royal house (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex young expected, in April, it’s supposed to be so far).

According to the Markles exit the rotary went to work. Now series Creator Aaron Korsh has announced The ninth season of “Suits” will also be the last. After the seventh season in the last year, the creators had considered this, said the writer in an Interview with the Portal “Deadline”. “You can’t certainly predict that one of your Stars is getting married suddenly the English Prince.”

in addition to Markle was then pulled out her series partner Patrick J. Adams. Instead, Katherine Heigl (“27 Dresses”, “Grey’s Anatomy have shown”) interest in a role, said Korsh. With Heigl, you have developed two more seasons to the series with season nine good end.

Plays Meghan, once again, Rachel?

Among other things, in the British media had been speculating whether Markle is now officially the Duchess of Sussex for the final season, once again, a guest in the series complete. There were even reports that, Korsh was willing to donate a million amount for charitable purposes, to move to Markle a gig. When asked, Korsh said now, he did not know yet what the former series cast members for the final season would return. “But I can tell you, these stories in the Newspapers, I have no idea what they’re talking about.”

“Suits” is a production of USA Network (here you can read more about the series). In Germany, it was, among other things, on Vox. Also Netflix offers for retrieval. The ninth season, with a total of ten episodes is expected to start in the US later this year. Meanwhile, there is also a Spin-off of the series, “Pearson”, in which Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, the main role plays.


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