Christmas eve

“Rudi’s day show – Christmas” 16.05 Uhr, SWR; 15.30, at NDR

“Rudi’s day show – Christmas”

Who takes on Christmas like comforting nostalgia baths, do not need to listen up in the world of the small, hard-to-vintage velvet collar lords or the faint-hearted despair sighs. The Christmas special broadcast of “Rudi’s day show” from the year 2000 brings back memories of the Bonn Republic, told along by Joking at the expense Norbert Blüms that will allow him to Rudi Carrell plated by the mid-eighties, with stoic Fixation: jokes from another time, from another country.

“Krampus”, 22.25 PM, Vox


Ah, finally, once again, a wonderfully dysfunctional family! Anyone who has looked at from a seasonal sentimentality in the run-up to Christmas to many heal Christmas family Schmonzetten, you can scrape the heart with the Pickereien the extremely disharmonious family angels of Lard. You will not be searched in this horror Comedy at the holidays from a pot-bellied rotbacke Christmas man home, but the horned, goat-footed Krampus, a dark goddess, which granted all those bloody lesson, which came in the everyday cynicism of the true Christmas spirit is lost.

first Christmas day

“Heidi “, 17.20, ZDF


miss rotten Meier’s pinched bite gurkigkeit of the Japanese animated editing from the seventies, the film “Heidi”-implementation by Alain Gsponer remains unmatched, (Free TV Premiere) nevertheless, it’s worth alone for the Almöhi-game of Bruno Ganz, the Goblin had the Alps as a quirky, square-headed plays. Was filmed at the original locations of the novel by Johanna Spyri, and the result is at least significantly less traumatizing than the cartoon version.

Pets “, 20.15 clock, RTL


Cute dogs and their cute antics – the best TV material for these medium-heavy sedated holiday evening mood at the inertial Peak. The animation film to büchste and unloved Pets is also running for the first Time on Free TV, a rarity in the classics overloaded Christmas program. Whom animals are drawn to cheesy, it can monitor simultaneously, in the ZDF, whether or not Helene Fischer in the traditional year-end Show of gymnastics is finally the year for the year long-awaited Ground-to-number with chimpanzees.

Second Christmas day

“Timm Thaler or the sold Laughter”, 15: 05, ZDF

“Thimm Thaler or the sold Laughter”

the characteristic Lockenfrise of the young main character is reminiscent, at Least to the TV series with Thomas Ohrner, in 1979, ran as the first Christmas series in ZDF – the Original Timm has Dresen in this cinema adaptation of the Andreas also has a small guest appearance. Compared with the serial version Dresens movie is a children’s deal with the devil, clearly a fairytale, and, suitable to Christmas, with a fun critique of capitalism.

Buster Keaton-short films 1.45 PM, Arte

Buster Keaton

Four Buster-Keaton-give the gift of silent films at the end of the holidays is over, but the urgently-awaited Christmas gift: peace. In “The all-electric house” equips Keaton, hammering and riveting as the over-ambitious would-be electricians to be home to the temple, who Smart under the tree-surprising-Home-gadget or any other technical bells and whistles found, can take a look at what can go all wrong.

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