US President Donald Trump beats Christmas apparently on the mind. He was actually going to be in Florida, with his family there for the holidays to spend golfing. Instead, he now sits in Washington. The reason for this is Because of a bitter political dispute, the budget is blocked for several Federal ministries. This means a standstill in Parts of the government. The President had to cancel his Florida Trip.

“I’m all alone (Poor me) in the White house and waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal for the much-needed border security,” wrote Trump on Twitter. That the President has triggered the escalation of self, because he refused a budget law to sign, if not billions, are included for a wall on the border to Mexico – the failed to mention Trump. He’s been there for days, the opposition Democrats of the blame for the standstill.

Even the President took advantage of the unexpected additional time in the White house at the weekend and on Monday, in order to extensively by Twitter frustration to drain and passing – against the Democrats, against the media, against dissenters, against the US Central Bank, the Fed, against people out of his Administration.

The sell-off in the U.S. stock exchanges continues, meanwhile. Investors were unsettled due to the recent developments in Washington, traders said. In the short term, convened consultations of the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin with a crisis group made up of representatives of Supervisory authorities, increased the fears.

The darkest December since 1931

The default value is index, the Dow Jones Index closed in before Christmas shortened trading 2.9 percent lower at 21.792 points. The broader S&P 500 lost 2.7 percent to 2351 meters. The Index of technology exchange Nasdaq lost 2.2 percent to 6192 Points. However, the trading volume in the before Christmas to three and a half hours shorter exchange time is significantly lower than otherwise. Wall Street is the darkest of December’s threatening, but since 1931, in times of world economic crisis.

The “Washington Post” wrote, after the cancellation of his Florida Trips, I spent most of Donald Trump, however, the weekend watching hours and hours of television, and to be angry about the coverage.

“It is fixed”

Trump also shares once again against his Still-Secretary of defense James Mattis. The didn’t recognize the international dynamics behind the military role of the USA in the world, said Trump on Twitter. “We subsidize the military of many very rich countries around the world significantly, as these countries take advantage of at the same time, the United States and our taxpayers in the trade,” wrote Trump in his short message.

“General Mattis saw in it no Problem. I repaired already, and it is.” Trump criticized for a long time that there are questions in the military and economic imbalance with U.S. allies such as Germany at the expense of the United States.

Mattis had stated because of differences with Trump about his Plan for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria for his resignation, but at the same time, offered to stay two more months in office. Trump announced on Sunday, Mattis for the 1. To replace January. Deputy Minister Patrick Shanahan will take over the Post of Commissioner.

Trumps turbulent Christmas could be notified after all, private Good: The White house had, that First Lady Melania Trump, who had already traveled to Florida advance, will come back to Washington to spend the holidays with her husband. All alone Trump Christmas, not to celebrate. A feeling of political isolation can of course still. Especially if the year is such a ungeschmeidig to the end for Trump. He is surrounded by problems.


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