Since the 20th century. January 2017 prevails a state of emergency in Washington. With the arrival of Donald Trump to the White house has changed quite a bit, what was actually considered as irreversible: democratic practices, for example. The President bepöbelt the media, spreading provable lies in series or from wearing his feuds with active and former employees.

Two years Trump: An alternative balance sheet in five points.

1. Hundreds of victims on Twitter

Trump Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign, 2016

Because Trump media referred to the reports as “fake news”, he strives, with his rants unfiltered to the people penetrate primarily via Twitter. The “New York Times” maintains a list of those people, places, and institutions that has offended Trump over the years in the short message service overall until the end of last year were 551.

Alone in his time as US President, Trump counts already more than 300 Twitter victims. Among those, the Trump attacked most often, media such as CNN, his democratic opponent in the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton, or Ex-FBI chief James Comey.

2. Thousands of lies

shooting from the audience at Trumps presidential inauguration in January 2017

trump’s tenure began with a lie. “This was the largest audience that has ever seen a inauguration beige”, his spokesman said after the ceremony in front of the Capitol in Washington. Photos delivered quickly.

But untruths are under Trump long Routine. According to the “Washington Post” has the President up to 30. December 2018, public 7645 false or misleading statements made. The eleven on average per day. Most of Trump’s a liar according to the figures on election campaign events, such as shortly before the Midterms last November.

Then the President claims to love, he had set the largest tax cut ever, the economic standing so as well as never – or his wall on the border to Mexico, they are already built.

3. Recreational golfers

Trump on the Golf course, in Scottish South Ayrshire

His predecessor, Barack Obama had criticized Trump once, he was too often on the Golf course. The Democrat, in this respect, it was probably nothing against his successor.

According to CNN, spent the President in the first two years to a total of 378 days time on Golf equipment, even if it is not certain if he played every Time in fact. For comparison: Obama needed until the end of his first term to come to at least one hundred days with Golf dates.

4. Against the media, with the media

press conference in the White house

trump’s relationship to the media is more than tense. Desert attacks against journalists characterize many of his public appearances. That is not to say, however, that the President, the media would be accessible – on the contrary.

Martha Joynt Kumar is Director of the White House Transition Project, a non-partisan organization that helps in the Transition between two presidents. According to their research, the Trump exchanges with representatives of the media like no one of his predecessors in the recent past. From the Start of his tenure up to 10. January of this year, he came to a total of 577 Interviews and press conferences.

In the case of Bill Clinton, it was in roughly the same period, 610 of such appointments. Barack Obama (396), George W. Bush (372), and his father, George H. W. (319) and Ronald Reagan (215) all had less formal meetings with the press.

5. The exchange President

Donald Trump and John Kelly

spokesman Sean Spicer, chief of staff, Reince Priebus, the senior Advisor to Steve Bannon – the list of Disposals and out of the throws from trump’s Team since January of 2017 is a long one. In total, the US President has lost so far 13 members of the Cabinet. In the case of Obama, it was in the first four years, only nine.

The Brookings Institution, a think tank from the US, calculated that about 60 advisers and high-ranking employees of the White house, 65 percent belong to the Trump Team. Obama came, therefore, to 71 percent, however, in his entire first term.


to the end of the year there was a spectacular change of personnel under Trump: In November, the justice resigned Minister Jeff Sessions. He was fallen because of his behavior in the Russia affair, with the President already for a long time in the doghouse. In December, Trump, Priebus-a successor to John Kelly, dismissed. Shortly thereafter, Minister Ryan Zinke appeared on the investigations for abuse of office should run.


Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.