To Person picture-alliance/ Yonhap news AG Robert rich , 72, is a policy Professor at Berkeley University in California. He has worked in the governments of the US presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as an economic and social expert. From 1993 to 1997, he was U.S. Secretary of labor. He later served President Barack Obama as a consultant. Rich has published numerous books and essays, among other things, the work of “Saving capitalism!”

MIRROR ONLINE: Professor Reich, Donald Trump is in two years, U.S. President. How do you assess the state of the Nation?

Kingdom: I have worked for three presidents. Two of them were Democrats, a Republican. A fourth President I was advising. So I know how the presidency should work, and I know what is expected of a President in terms of effectiveness and protection of our democracy. I’ve also studied past presidencies. In my opinion we have had in our history some very bad presidents. Donald Trump is one of the Worst, if not the worst. He has no idea of democracy and seems to take care of it. He only cares about his own selfish goals, and the wealth and Power.

MIRROR ONLINE: Has changed Trump, the country already?

Kingdom: , The country today is deeply divided, and the reason for the split, Donald Trump himself is mainly. Immigration, racism, these are all controversial topics, as well as social policy, abortion, gun control. We as Americans are about a lot of topics where opinion is divided, but Trump has created with his lies and with his demagogy a bitter, angry cleavage.

The real Problem, the deeper cause of this anger, is entirely in the Background: A small group at the top gets richer and richer, while the wages of many people have been stagnating for 40 years. Trump, like other demagogues in history, existing economic tensions and used, he has created scapegoats, on which he directed the anger of many people.

Video: Teens Trump Fans provoke natives


MIRROR ONLINE: they demand that Trump this year, impeachment proceedings should be launched, the so-called Impeachment. Why?

Kingdom: He has violated the Constitution. There is a lot of evidence that he has failed, for example, against the so-called compensation clause. This regulation forbids government officials to profit from your service for the state, private financially.

There is also evidence that it has hindered in the Russia affair, the justice by trying to stop the investigation into his possible misconduct in the 2016 election.

He has lied to the American people, always and without hesitation on important issues that affect our democracy, our electoral system and its competitors in the 2016 election. Even if there is no clear evidence for a consultation with Vladimir Putin and Russia over the elections, and would justify all the other points, the initiation of impeachment proceedings by the house of representatives.

MIRROR ONLINE: do what this man has done” The constitutional requirements for impeachment are very high. The procedure is initiated by the house of representatives, but the Senate must agree by a two-thirds majority of the condemnation.

Kingdom: It has only been two presidents who are the subject of the house of representatives, the impeachment procedure was initiated, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Neither was convicted by the Senate. In Trumps case it is very unlikely that he will be relieved at the end of in fact, by the Senate of the office. But the initiation of the procedure, an in-depth investigation by Congress, would be important for the Nation. It is clear, it comes, to make it clear, what this man has done.

Nancy Pelosi

MIRROR ONLINE: The current dispute over the so-called wall and the Shutdown moved to the country. How do you assess the Situation?

Kingdom: Donald Trump has made it to the beginning of the dispute to the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer realize that he stopped the Shutdown only when he receives funding for his wall. He has taken the government of the United States, virtually as a hostage. Thus, he has failed, in my opinion, against the duty of the President to protect the Constitution and the government. A President should not need the government in this Form miss.

“The wall would fit in his demagogic game”

MIRROR ONLINE: What Trumps is the drive in this dispute?

Kingdom: He says that it is going to build a wall. He has treated during the election campaign of 2016, his followers into a frenzy of Nativism and xenophobia, he has created this artificial border crisis. But the fact is that the number of undocumented immigrants coming into the United States, has decreased in the last ten years. There is no evidence that there is a crisis. But because the wall was so good in his demagogic game, he used the theme in the election campaign. Now he is under political pressure from the right, from the likes of the Fox News presenter Sean Hannity to fulfill his promise.

But there is more: I think he uses the wall and the Shutdown is also a distraction from another, much more important topic: the agreements with Vladimir Putin on the elections of 2016.

MIRROR ONLINE: Many Democrats prepare to run in next year’s elections for the presidency against Trump. Who would be the best candidate to beat Donald Trump? A woman or a man? A younger or a senior politician?

Kingdom: It is too early to say that. I believe that the Americans, desperate after two years of Donald Trump, according to a Person who stands for integrity and honesty. Are looking for candidates that put the interests of the country before their own interests. It is important to find someone who also deals with the question of the unequal distribution of wealth and Power in this country.

Richard Nixon

MIRROR ONLINE: How this presidency will end? Is Trump defeated in the election, or he will leave the White house?

Kingdom: My prediction is that Donald Trump will come back before the end of the four years, because of the pressure on him is too big. Richard Nixon resigned prior to the initiation of the impeachment procedure by the house of representatives, because he knew that he would not tolerate this and survive. There is a good Chance that Donald Trump takes the same path. He is a man with an exceptionally pronounced narcissism and Ego, and I don’t think he wants to and his family all do this.

On the other hand, who knows? Trump is unpredictable. The same narcissism and delusions of grandeur could persuade him to stay and even running for re-election. Then he could be an even bigger and more dangerous demagogue.

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