A court has stopped the plans of U.S. President Donald Trump to toughen up the asylum law for the time being. The Federal judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco issued a preliminary injunction against trump’s decree, according to which, provisionally, only legally traveled people in the U.S. asylum may apply for. So it stays more at the claim to asylum also in the case of unauthorized entry.

Trump, the asylum had a well founded legal escalation at the beginning of November with the limitation of illegal immigration from Central America. According to the new regulation should provisionally may only apply for people applied for asylum to an official border crossing representations. Illegally into the country in the Future should be excluded automatically from the access to the asylum law.

The US President relies on his powers in the event of a national emergency. The now provisionally stopped the measure, he continued, by “proclamation” and therefore bypassing of the legislative process.

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