US President Donald Trump does not want to accept the dispute for stricter asylum a legal defeat rules. “We will win this case before the Supreme Court of the United States,” he said in Washington. In addition, he attacked the Federal judge Jon Tigar and partiality gave him.

Tigar the Trump arranged on the tightening of asylum rules had stopped by injunction for the time being. This was illegally the southern border with immigrants to the people henceforth, no application for asylum be allowed to charge more. The method should, in principle, only at official border crossings. With the controversial decree Trump was in response to a train of Thousands of immigrants from Central America headed to the United States.

Tigar ruled that the President could not rewrite “the immigration laws, to impose conditions on the banned Congress expressly”. Tigar gave to a lawsuit by civil rights groups. They had argued that the U.S. law is clear every man stand an asylum application, regardless of how he or she came into the country.

“Activist judges”

trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the government would take “all necessary steps” to defend the order of the President. You defendant, a single judge, prevents the authorities to protect the border, reasonable. “This decision will open the floodgates and invites countless illegal immigrants pouring into our country, to the detriment of the American taxpayers.” This is another example of “activist judges” are trying to impose a policy of open borders – against the will of the large majority of the population in the United States.

President Trump pointed out that his predecessor had used, Barack Obama, judge Tigar. “This was an Obama judge.” The President exercised at the same time, fierce criticism of the court district, one of the Tigar. “When any suit filed in the Ninth judicial district, we will be beaten,” said Trump. “That will not happen.” He added: “The Ninth judicial district is really something we need to look at. It’s a shame.”

The injunction Tigars remains at least until a hearing on may 19. December. So for the time being, also such people can apply again for asylum in the United States, have crossed the border illegally.

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