The democratic majority in the U.S. house of representatives want to repeal it for 181 years, valid rule, and the Wearing of religious headgear in the chamber of the Congress. The rules of procedure, competent Democrat Jim McGovern justified the advance of his party with the growing diversity in the newly elected house of representatives.

in January, the newly elected members come together for the first time, want to make the Democrats and Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, current leader of the opposition, the Democrats and elect a new speaker in the house of representatives had drawn up the new rules together with McGovern, and the Muslim deputies Ilhan Omar, wearing head cloth. The Somalia-born Omar is the first Hijab-wearer and one of the two Muslim women were able to win in the congressional elections two weeks ago, a mandate for the house of representatives.

The proposed new rules will not only allow Muslim women to wear the traditional head scarf. Also, the yarmulke for Jews, or the Turban of the Sikhs would be permitted.

The new house of representatives occurs at the 3. January. Never in US history were represented in the chamber of so many minorities. Also, the house of representatives was never of women: 102 women were elected according to the current status in the chamber.

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