The five-week Shutdown in the US is the domestic economy, according to an estimate of a congressional authority to tax. Due to the standstill of Parts of the US government eleven billion dollars went to economic output lost, according to a report by the cross-party working Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

the Shutdown was Triggered by a dispute between Donald Trump and the Congress by the U.S. President proposed wall on the border to Mexico. For its construction, Trump called for a total of $ 5.7 billion, which opposed the US-Democrats, however.

much of the lost economic output could be reversed according to the study. The 35 days long the US will cost in the fourth quarter of the previous year, 0.1 percentage points in economic growth in the first quarter of 2019 and even 0.2 percentage points. The growth will be in the subsequent quarters is likely to be higher. According to the compensation effects in the economy and there will be a performance by the Shutdown, and then only by 0.02 points.

effect of tax reform after

The CBO estimates that gross domestic product will increase (GDP) in 2019 to just 2.3 percent, after 3.1 percent in the past year. The slowing economic effects of the Trump initiated tax reform played a role. Individual companies and, in particular, of the approximately 800,000 public servants had to work during the period unpaid, are likely to get, according to the CBO experts to feel the effects.

at the start of the week the longest government blockade be lifted in U.S. history for the time being. Trump announced on Friday the preliminary agreement in the budget dispute. The transitional arrangements should be 15 to the. February apply. Trump disagreed with the agreement, although he received the long requested $ 5.7 billion for the construction of the border wall.


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