A month after the U.S. congressional elections, President Donald Trump new appointments to two key posts of his government. The new Minister of justice, to William Barr. He held this office already at the beginning of the nineties, under the recently deceased Ex-President George H. W. Bush, as Trump said. As a new Ambassador to the UN, he nominated Nauert Heather, the former spokesperson of the foreign Ministry.

Both nominations require the approval of the Senate. It will have to especially prepare Barr on intensive surveys in the Congress chamber. This is because, with the Minister, the superintendence over the investigation to Russia, the affair around the President to him.

Trump Barr praised as “one of the most respected lawyers in the country” and a “brilliant man”. The President expressed the hope that the nomination process for the Year “will go to the 68-very fast” on the stage.

Barr is interviewed expected to be opposition from the Democrats of his attitude to the work of special investigator Robert Mueller. Mueller examined in may 2017, the alleged Russian cyber-interventions in favour of Trumps in the election campaign of 2016, and any agreements between the Trump Team and Moscow.

To resign

The New York-born lawyer, worked at the foreign intelligence service CIA. Under President Bush senior, he worked in the Ministry of justice, in a short period of time up to the top. From 1991 to 1993, he was Minister of justice. In the past 25 years, Barr was largely in the private sector, among other things, for the U.S. telecommunications giant Verizon.

Barr should be the successor of Jeff Sessions, the Trump on the day after the congressional elections, the resignation had been forced. Trump was since last year, angry at Sessions, because he had declared shortly after taking office in the investigation to Russia, the affair for self-conscious.

Trump friendly channels

For Sessions’ departure, the office of the Minister of justice Commissioner has been exercised by the former chief of staff Matthew Whitaker.

The future Ambassador to the UN can hope Nauert, however, on a much less political conflict-charged nomination process. The 48-Year-old is the spokesperson of the foreign Ministry. She was previously a presenter and correspondent of the right-wing and Trump well-wishers channel Fox News.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, announced by the beginning of October, surprising her resignation is yet. The former Governor of the state of South Carolina is said to have ambitions for the presidency.

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